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well read (semi-literate) hooligan purging and celebrating a complex and chaotic life
everything else is just details.
well this has been alot of fun, but now is the time for changing modes though. when you are writing, you aren't living. i have been given a chance to do a little living. i am still going to write, but mostly in a different mode. i will be continuing my blog 'studies in gutter elegance - finer things on the skids' at http: // this will document a light resto of a '77 stroked and raked glide. that is what i anticipate anyway. if you would like to contact me during this absence you can e mail me at i hope you enjoy this short time in my life.

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i have an e book! neato Updates

Another Hard Roll East

pain has been hitting heavy for two days
rude knife stabs
all light and life
twisted out of me
red caravan bobs out against me on 24 east
takes the challenge
squares off on time, space
and the blue baron
he doesn't have the van balanced

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