Nathaniel Hayes

Rookie (03/11/1994 / Orlando, Florida)

Biography of Nathaniel Hayes

Well I started my liking in Peoms at the age of 17, and ever since then I been looking at peoms and how other people right them and to see how it done, and so that way as time goes on I learn how to better write peoms and get more attention to them. My peoms are all different in some way but they end up talking about the same thing which is Love. I Love to write Love Peoms I think thats where im strongest in, in the peom world, I like people to read what it is I wrote for feedback sometimes, and other times I just right and go with whatever it is the I wrote. Updates

A Moment Of Passion

A moment of Passion so easily shared,
With no fear or regret,
The momories flood through my mind,
A moment of Passion I'll never forget
A moment of Passion is like a drug,
It takes me so high,
Needing to get another fix,
A moment of Passion can never lie
A moment of Passion when we are alone,

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