Neel Nirzon


Poems of Neel Nirzon

1. No more train to come. 2/16/2014
2. Still in my bathrobe. 2/16/2014
3. The Confession. 2/16/2014
4. The Road Ahead. 2/16/2014
5. The Trap 2/16/2014
6. Valentine's Heart. 2/16/2014

Still in my bathrobe.

♥Still in my bathrobe.♥

This is the story, weeks have passed.
Since our first kiss from sms and emails.
All the sounds of silent desires on the wings of desperate hopes rest in between.
Our mirrors under the mosaic of daily murmur may confess.
May deny.
May paint the lies on the wall of false pride or prejudice.

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