Neela Nath

Neela Nath Poems

1. The Magical Light 5/24/2012
2. Soul Lost In Dirt 7/22/2012
3. The Sky Is Weeping 7/22/2012
4. Just You Have Come 7/23/2012
5. I Did Not Hear The Trade Cry 7/25/2012
6. There Is A River 8/7/2012
7. This Life Is A Station 8/21/2012
8. Tear 8/23/2012
9. Name, Fame 9/15/2012
10. To Quench Your Lust 9/17/2012
11. Take A Sip 9/20/2012
12. This Me 9/24/2012
13. Looking At Your Eyes 9/27/2012
14. Lying Under A Leafless Tree.... 9/27/2012
15. May This 10/2/2012
16. Leaves Stretch Their Palms 10/5/2012
17. Rebeca, I Know 10/7/2012
18. Princess And The Black Horse-Iv(Isle Of Dragon) 10/11/2012
19. Princess And The Black Horse-Viii(Fight Between The Good And Evil) 10/16/2012
20. Princess And The Black Horse(Final Fight-I) 10/19/2012
21. Now 11/5/2012
22. I Don'T Know To..... 11/7/2012
23. If We Had Been Always 11/11/2012
24. Quest.. 1/22/2013
25. On The Page Of Time 1/31/2013
26. Let Me Sit Near You O Lord! (Upanishad) 2/8/2013
27. Why Do You Make Her Remember? 2/10/2013
28. List Of Love-Features 2/15/2013
29. If Love Is! 2/17/2013
30. Picturesque They Are! 2/17/2013
31. Pauper's Poem 2/19/2013
32. You Are The Cause 2/21/2013
33. Who And What? 2/24/2013
34. Memory 2/26/2013
35. I'Ll Soon Die 3/2/2013
36. Thanks God 3/2/2013
37. Do You See? 3/2/2013
38. Sheriff's Line 3/2/2013
39. I Can'T 3/6/2013
40. Here Cloud Touches 3/6/2013
Best Poem of Neela Nath

A River Of The Will

A river of the will,
Plays in my mind.
I call her to come out,
But she stays behind.
She flows and says-
O, let me do the thing,
Which I desire;
I'm now a spring.
Just telling this,
She jumps from myself,
Riding on a cloud,
She flies like an elf.
With a pensive mood,
I sit by the window,
It starts raining outside,
My room gathers shadow.
I think, where's my will?
She isn't in the sky-
A whisper comes in my ear,
I can't believe my eye....
The drops of rain fall there,
Wetting my hot face,
Tell me-'Dear we are here, ...

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I take a walk everyday,
To reach my Destination.
But I can't get to it anytime,
It gets away from my vision.
I know Hills play, such trick always,
I know the sky does the same,
But my destination that I want to go
Is playing the mirage game?

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