Nena Shawl

(6/4/1998 / Akron, Ohio)

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Nena Shawl poet

Hi! I am fifteen years old, and I live in Akron, Ohio. My friend told me to post my poems on this site, so I did. Some of my poems won't make sense unless you read the background story. I am your average hopeless romantic! My favorite movies are, and will always be, Disney. I write poetry and stories occasionally. I also love to draw. I play sports like volleyball, soccer, and dance. Yes, dance is a sport. I have a twitter and tumblr that I never use, a facebook that I basically use just to like pictures, and a youtube account just to like videos. That's basically me... Updates


A dream is a miracle
But some call it a fairytale
Something untrue
Something you shouldn’t stick to
And here I tell you
Pursue your dreams and you will see
You can be whatever you set out to be

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