Nena Shawl

Rookie (6/4/1998 / Akron, Ohio)

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Nena Shawl poet

Hi! I am fifteen years old, and I live in Akron, Ohio. My friend told me to post my poems on this site, so I did. Some of my poems won't make sense unless you read the background story. I am your average hopeless romantic! My favorite movies are, and will always be, Disney. I write poetry and stories occasionally. I also love to draw. I play sports like volleyball, soccer, and dance. Yes, dance is a sport. I have a twitter and tumblr that I never use, a facebook that I basically use just to like pictures, and a youtube account just to like videos. That's basically me... Updates


Poems are easy to create
When you feel like there is no other escape.
So here I go to try to explain
Why I’m writing this anyway.
There is a time in life
Were everyone has had strife.
They stick together in packs
Until the ones they love turn their backs.
It’s killing me to know this is how much you care

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