Nicholas Hrynchuk

Rookie (10-28-1994)

Biography of Nicholas Hrynchuk

I can be nice and all except if you make me mad. Not to pleasant then. I have great friends, but I don't always remember that. Things tend to end wrong, so I get angry easily. Truthfully, I love my best friend. She is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. She's the one I write about, she's the only real reason I write. She got me onto this website. And even though she doesn't love me, I'll still love her, no matter how hard i try not to. Updates

When It's You

When I see you,
I only wonder,
What you do,
To look so beautiful

When I'm near you,
My knee's get weak,
And all I want,
Is to try and speak

When it's you,
Everything is better,
And it's because of you,
And nobody else

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