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Born and bred in Toronto, Canada. I have been living here my whole life pretty much, except for one year when my family and I lived in Florida, USA. I was just a baby while there, and then we came back to Toronto after I turned a year old. I have Bulgarian roots, and a little bit of Greek from my mother's side of the family as well. I am sort of fluent in Bulgarian and my Greek language skills are pretty much non-existent, unfortunately. However, my skills in Macedonian match my fluency in Bulgarian; my Serbian skills is at an intermediate level I guess because although my speaking is not the greatest, I can however understand, read and write Serbian quite well. I did graduate from high school in 2006 and completed about a year and a half or two years of college. I was majoring in journalism, but figured it was not what I wanted to do with my life and just stopped going. Additionally, my grandfather, my mother's stepfather, passed away in November of 2008 from diabetes, and I was still going to school, I think. I was unable to focus on my studies as a resulting of his passing. Since 2008, I have been working various jobs and now, well actually, over the past year, I have been thinking of taking a English teaching course at a very well-known international language school this summer.

My hobbies include: reading history, discovering cultures, Bulgarian folklore dancing, listening to all genres of music from all over the world, learning simple vocabulary and basic sentences from any language, playing and watching sports: hockey, soccer (a.k.a. football, NFL, CFL, NBA, tennis, boxing, rugby and the Olympics; I also love to collect literature & poetry, soccer jerseys, online news articles, hockey cards, postcards and banknotes from foreign countries. Updates

The Breathe Of Isfahan

I have ventured, explored, visited and been
to sensational places, yet none compare to what I've seen
in a most definitive ancient mystic land,
where its greatness are legends imbedded in every grain of sand.
With spine-tingling amazement at the splendiferous
beauty indeed, with all eyes gazing at the marvellous
extravagance, eloquence and magnificence of Isfahan;
however, what is dear to my heart is the secret love of my swan.
This unheard-of, never-before-experienced romantic

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