Treasure Island

Nicholas Nikolov

[N. Nikolov] (April.6,1988 / Toronto)

Biography of Nicholas Nikolov

I am born & living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My background & heritage is Bulgarian with a bit of Greek from my mother's side of the family (my great-grandmother my mother's grandmother was from Greece) .

I am a poet obviously; I am also an online freelance journalist (NOT A BLOGGER) and a history buff (I specialize in Bulgarian & Balkan history, ethnic issues and some politics [politics goes hand-in-hand with history, so there is no escaping it) . Updates

Valentine's Last Breath

With such an outstanding sensual smile
that brightly shines from a miraculous mile;
upon which you have given me your kindness
and in return I give you my fruitful friendliness,
Alongside with my truly plentiful passionate
love-filled heart, I'll not harmoniously hesitate
my darling sweet, for you to be my voluptuous valentine.
If you agree, the continuation will be delightfully divine.
Indeed, my diamond, our unending long-lasting lustful

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