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Nick krakana Poems

1. A Horse Named Joe 1/19/2014
2. Uniform Of Yesterday 6/26/2015
3. Old Leaves 7/10/2015
4. A Crows Sensibility 9/15/2015
5. The Taxi Ride 10/10/2015
6. Longfellows Gleam Of Sunshine 10/10/2015
7. Shawshank 10/28/2015
8. The Green Mile 3/24/2015
9. The Lowland Hunter 2/9/2014
10. The Wounded Black Bear 2/9/2014
11. A Fart In The Air 7/18/2014
12. The Jailers Door 6/11/2014
13. Timmins To Matheson 3/4/2014
14. Along This Path 4/22/2014
15. The Medicine Man 12/1/2014
16. Garbage Beneath The Heavens 12/15/2014
17. A Runners Lament 2/3/2014
18. My Dogs Life 1/18/2014
19. California Dreaming 3/5/2015
20. My Dog Ben 9/1/2014
21. What Is Everything 1/17/2014
22. A Caffeine Trick 2/16/2014
23. People Of The Land 2/7/2014
24. The Litho 2/10/2015
25. Natures Way 2/20/2015
26. Tim Hortons Scuffle 2/21/2014
27. The Log Cabin 2/6/2014
28. D Day Normandy 1/14/2014
29. God Played Hockey 2/21/2014
30. Tim Hortons 6/19/2015
31. The Wolf Track 5/4/2014
Best Poem of Nick krakana

The Wolf Track

A wolf print I came upon
As I wandered on a new land
He had a walk like no other
His imprint did sink and make me think

Where has he been and where has he gone
Each step like a note in a symphony song

I felt his eyes as I walked along
Telepathy or instinct did come to mind
No fearful thought I had of he
I wonder if he read this in me

It was an honour just to see his way

So with a click - a photo of his track
I did carry back surprised to see such artistry
The sand like pearls did shine
My hand next to his showed a sizeable track

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What Is Everything

Can i say to you
What this might be
To some it is a cup of tea
With a loved one at 93

Then there are those
Who crave new cloths
Or a trip to see the shows
Just to wear the new cloths

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