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Nick krakana Poems

1. A Horse Named Joe 1/19/2014
2. The Green Mile 3/24/2015
3. Uniform Of Yesterday 6/26/2015
4. Old Leaves 7/10/2015
5. The Lowland Hunter 2/9/2014
6. The Wounded Black Bear 2/9/2014
7. A Fart In The Air 7/18/2014
8. The Jailers Door 6/11/2014
9. Timmins To Matheson 3/4/2014
10. Along This Path 4/22/2014
11. The Medicine Man 12/1/2014
12. Garbage Beneath The Heavens 12/15/2014
13. A Runners Lament 2/3/2014
14. A Dogs Life 1/18/2014
15. California Dreaming 3/5/2015
16. My Dog Ben 9/1/2014
17. What Is Everything 1/17/2014
18. A Caffeine Trick 2/16/2014
19. People Of The Land 2/7/2014
20. The Litho 2/10/2015
21. Tim Hortons 6/19/2015
22. D Day Normandy 1/14/2014
23. Natures Way 2/20/2015
24. Tim Hortons Scuffle 2/21/2014
25. The Log Cabin 2/6/2014
26. God Played Hockey 2/21/2014
27. The Wolf Track 5/4/2014
Best Poem of Nick krakana

The Wolf Track

A wolf print I came upon
As I wandered on a new land
He had a walk like no other
His imprint did sink and make me think

Where has he been and where has he gone
Each step like a note in a symphony song

I felt his eyes as I walked along
Telepathy or instinct did come to mind
No fearful thought I had of he
I wonder if he read this in me

It was an honour just to see his way

So with a click - a photo of his track
I did carry back surprised to see such artistry
The sand like pearls did shine
My hand next to his showed a sizeable track

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D Day Normandy

Bullets fly by like the firefly
Don't stop or you'll die
The icy waters of Normandy
Numbs the pain the eye can't see

Keep your gun clean and your head down
Crawl your way up through the blood and all
This was the way I saw it then
I say never again

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