Nicki Faith

(9\27\96 / Brooklyn)

Poems of Nicki Faith

1. Friends We Are, Forever Friends We'll Be 11/30/2009
2. I Love thee 11/19/2009
3. I'm Dying inside 11/19/2009
4. I'm Tired 11/19/2009
5. Karma 11/27/2009
6. My Favorite Brother (because he's my only brother) 11/19/2009
7. Our Children in Haiti 1/27/2010
8. Poverty 11/30/2009
9. Random Thoughts... 11/16/2010
10. They Don't Know 11/27/2009
11. Why did you do it 11/19/2009

I'm Tired

I'm tired of being talked about
I'm tired of people staring
I'm tired of being diffrent
I'm tired of being ashamed of myself
I'm tired of trying to change myself for others sake
I'm tired of them critizing me
I'm tired of the pressure of all those people
I'm tired of trying to hurt myself because they dont like me
I'm tired of all the people who just dont care about me or how I feel

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