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Nicki Faith

Rookie (9\27\96 / Brooklyn)

Poems of Nicki Faith

1. Friends We Are, Forever Friends We'll Be 11/30/2009
2. I Love thee 11/19/2009
3. I'm Dying inside 11/19/2009
4. I'm Tired 11/19/2009
5. Karma 11/27/2009
6. My Favorite Brother (because he's my only brother) 11/19/2009
7. Our Children in Haiti 1/27/2010
8. Poverty 11/30/2009
9. Random Thoughts... 11/16/2010
10. They Don't Know 11/27/2009
11. Why did you do it 11/19/2009

I'm Dying inside

I'm dying inside, crying, bleeding, screaming
but no one can tell because I keep a straight face
on the inside i feel like killing myself
i feel like i have no reason for living
like something is eating my insides
There is a voice in my head telling me to just die
That no one wants me and sometimes I feel like its telling the truth
My inside hurts they're screaming at me because of the pain
I've tried evrything but nothing works

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