nimal dunuhinga

Rookie - 145 Points (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

nimal dunuhinga Poems

361. An Epitaph! 8/21/2011
362. An Error 8/10/2010
363. An Essay Or A Simple Biography Of Yukio Mishima To Please My Brother Lalith! 6/28/2011
364. An Even Keel Vessel Goes Run Aground In The Ocean Of Life! 12/12/2010
365. An Evening At The Coffee House Nearby Fishery! 3/12/2012
366. An Evening In A Solitary Park 9/4/2008
367. An Evening; Someone With A Painting At A Seaside 10/28/2012
368. An Honest Plea From A Scribbler To Survive 5/12/2008
369. An Honest Tree 3/2/2011
370. An Icebound Harbor 12/30/2010
371. An Immigrant Butterfly Cries! 5/21/2013
372. An Inkling Of A Stranger 4/16/2010
373. An Inner Cry 11/4/2005
374. An Innocent's Marriage 6/23/2006
375. An Insipid Nameable Person 2/8/2008
376. An Interesting Interview 11/4/2009
377. An Interview 9/16/2010
378. An Interview For Hangman 4/17/2009
379. An Invitation To Warlords From A Songbird 1/1/2008
380. An Iris 2/22/2013
381. An Isolated Shack Beside The Railroad 5/25/2012
382. An Oblique Cashier And The Stagnant Cash Register! 3/14/2011
383. An Obvious Painting 2/23/2008
384. An October Dream With A Native! 10/22/2013
385. An Ode For A Friend's Departure 9/18/2007
386. An Odor From Cut Grass 10/13/2010
387. An Old Bee In Retrospect Among The Fresh Flowers? 5/31/2012
388. An Old Clock Tower Beside A Park 1/21/2011
389. An Old Fashioned Horse In A Modern Racecourse 6/30/2009
390. An Old Florist Still In His Bachelor Status 9/27/2008
391. An Old Henchman Of A Leading Politician Who Sings In An Underground Bar! 6/29/2012
392. An Old Lion Sleeps 8/17/2009
393. An Old Man Walks With A Long Resume? 1/5/2013
394. An Old Peacock Meets A Crow In A Cuckoo's Wedding 7/8/2009
395. An Old Promise Of My Friend 7/29/2009
396. An Old Talisman 6/1/2006
397. An Old Tree Listens To The Tumult Of Distant Storms? 8/13/2012
398. An Old Wine Grower 3/10/2006
399. An Onlooker, Mist And The Mountain 10/20/2010
400. An Open Letter To The Cricket Board If It Still Exists 3/6/2009
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*moon Rapes His Sister Sun

In the pitch darkness strange things can happen;
But unfortunately nowadays it happens in the daylight too.

* The title quoted from the book ' American Indian myths and legends' selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.
(This violent story tells of a stormy encounter between a female sun and a male moon.)

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A Thick Slick

In an avenged park
somebody's love is floating
on an isolated pond.
The lovers at the beginning
very soft hearted like butterflies.
Is this the nature who becomes
venomous Hornets
and abandon the love astray?

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