nimal dunuhinga

Rookie - 151 Points (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

nimal dunuhinga Poems

761. How They See Beyond The Iron Curtain? 7/28/2012
762. Hula Hoop 11/17/2008
763. Human Brain Should Closer To The Heart? 1/11/2013
764. Human Resources Bank & The Life's Gamble? 5/21/2012
765. Human Song From Dawn To Dusk 4/5/2009
766. Hunchback Pilgrim And The Singing Mountain! 4/7/2011
767. Hundred Candles Lit In The Wind 9/1/2009
768. Hundredweight! 5/21/2013
769. Hurricane 11/5/2005
770. Husband's Hurdle 9/2/2006
771. Hyperbola & Parabola 2/2/2010
772. Hypochondria 2/5/2010
773. I Am A Baby Crab 9/26/2010
774. I Am A Pen 1/4/2011
775. I Am An Old Turkey Bird 10/7/2010
776. I Am Fighting With The Viral Flu 10/9/2009
777. I Am Just An Orange Seed 9/22/2007
778. I Am Not A Soldier 2/3/2010
779. I Am Sure That Fading Figure Is You Mom! 4/23/2008
780. I Am Your Cigarette Butt In Stalemate! 4/1/2011
781. I Am Your Maternal Aunt From Ohio! 6/3/2011
782. I Bought It For A Dollar 12/6/2009
783. I Brush My Old Horse's Teeth 4/4/2008
784. I Cannot Stop A Wandering Cloud Or A Rising Kite 6/5/2009
785. I Cannot Whistle Now Like In My Younger Days? 7/26/2012
786. I Couldn'T Fulfill Her Strong Desire 9/28/2009
787. I Don'T Know Their Address Where I Have To Post My Sad Letter 11/25/2009
788. I Dreamed John Denver Beside Me 4/24/2009
789. I Drowned In The Milky Way 3/12/2006
790. I Feel The Secret Palpitation Of Her Soft Heart! 4/19/2012
791. I Fought With The Alphabet 11/11/2007
792. I Found A Verse On A Throw Away Bus Ticket 4/16/2009
793. I Found This Obituary Notice In The Paradise Paper 9/17/2010
794. I Found Your Old Christmas Card In My Bookshelf 5/2/2012
795. I Got A Scholarship To Patrice Lumumba University! 10/4/2010
796. I Had A Friendly Chat With Atlas 9/26/2010
797. I Have A Dream 8/31/2010
798. I Have A Regret As I Couldn'T Ask Her Name! 4/11/2011
799. I Have No Any Restrictions For My Bird Sanctuary! 5/24/2012
800. I Haven'T Seen The Spongy Sky A Long Time 3/7/2009
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*moon Rapes His Sister Sun

In the pitch darkness strange things can happen;
But unfortunately nowadays it happens in the daylight too.

* The title quoted from the book ' American Indian myths and legends' selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.
(This violent story tells of a stormy encounter between a female sun and a male moon.)

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My Rare Pet Dog

His name is 'Marco' a crossed german shepherd.
I have only two daughters and I loved this rare creature
as my obedient son.
Marco understands everything except talking.
When my daughters go to school
he goes with them to the bus stop
and wait there until a bus comes.
Then come back home and wags his tail
saying they are gone safely.

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