Noah Body

Poems of Noah Body

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9. A Great Glass Pane 9/6/2013
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11. A New Day Dawns 10/5/2014
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13. A Space Odyssey 12/19/2012
14. A Tribute To Those Who Tried 5/18/2014
15. A World Without Hope 12/10/2012
16. About Me 10/7/2014
17. Above The Mountains I Soar 12/10/2012
18. Adrift on a Timeless Sea 12/23/2012
19. All between your ears 7/16/2013
20. All In My Head It Most Likely Lives 1/19/2013

The Passing of the Light

The light it shines so bright and clear and then it fades away
It leaves behind the dark and pain that is here to stay

And with it's passing it has sucked all the life out of me
The dark is so compete and full that I can't even see

Everything once so beautiful and sharp has grown fuzzy and dim
I cry out to God for help but I've heard nothing from Him

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