Noemi Lee

Rookie (2006)

Biography of Noemi Lee

After a great long break from literature study, I find myself longing for poetry. Im writing here, and sometimes it's pretty bad, but it helps me cope with the situations Im going through.
Poetry execution is not high on my concern list. I believe poetry is something that flows from the heart. Not everyone's heart is cognizant of stanzas and iambic pentameter etc.
It's ok with me that my poetry is not good.
Im just writing for me.
If you don't like my poetry that fine... just move on. This is not a class and you are not required to read. There are thousands of poets on PH. Youre bound to find one you like!
Thanks! Updates

[the Solution]

You know, when I am around you, I am starkly aware that I don’t understand all of my feelings.
[or how to express my fearful thoughts]
I do not know how to explain this to you.
[and I am afraid that if I do, you will laugh at me- or worse- ignore me.]
So I think the best thing for me to do is to stop talking to you.
[it is the best thing]
This will cause my uncertainty to disappear.
[and give me stability]
After all, I am certain that not talking would be easier than working it out

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