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I bow to the divine within you... The same Lord of Love lives in
you and me... and never leaves... no matter
how many grey clouds cover His inner presence.

I honor this site's poets
including those who don't know it.

Anyone who does not edit individual poems
and includes the name of the author O Anna Niemus
has my permission to reproduce them on the web
and if on cotton, rice, nontree or
recycled paper to publish them.

God protect, supply, heal and love you today and
always, each and all ways

It is my humble prayer that any downloading be
done on cotton, rice, nontree or recycled
recycled paper that I may walk in the woods
and be able to look the trees in the face.

I would be grateful if you email me with notice
of any misspellings, grammar errors or
opinions I express which enrage you.

Coming: a poem to the vivisector shadow hacker
who loves to make the lives of antivivisectionists more interesting.

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Unmolested Oleander

they don't kill as many as machine
The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains, With Hand Tools (Paperback)
by David Tresemer
Anonymous wrote:
We have a water ditch outside of our property line on one
side, and the city is forcing us to mow it all summer as
a 'right of way', as if it was a sidewalk strip in front of

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