Ono no Komachi

(c. 825—c. 900) / Japan)

Ono no Komachi Poems

1. Atop This Crag 9/2/2010
2. Fisher Folk 9/2/2010
3. Without End 9/2/2010
4. Placing Burning Coals 9/2/2010
5. The Fisherfolk Live 9/2/2010
6. No Exchange Of Glances 9/2/2010
7. As I Dozed 9/2/2010
8. Upon My Breast 9/2/2010
9. How Sad 9/2/2010
10. It's Over! 9/2/2010
11. In My Desolation 9/2/2010
12. The Autumn Wind 9/2/2010
13. Was I Lost 9/2/2010
14. Feeling: 9/2/2010
15. When My Desire 9/2/2010
16. The Colour Of This Flower 9/2/2010
17. How Hollow 9/2/2010
18. Visible Colours 9/2/2010
19. In This World 9/2/2010
20. Blossoms Blooming 9/2/2010
21. In Reality 9/2/2010
22. Upon The Path Of Dreams 9/2/2010
23. I Long For Him Most 9/2/2010
Best Poem of Ono no Komachi

I Long For Him Most

I long for him most
during these long moonless nights.
I lie awake, hot,
the growing fires of passion
bursting in my heart.

Another translation by Kenneth Rexroth:

You do not come
On this moonless night.
I wake wanting you.
My breasts heave and blaze.
My heart burns up.

Another translation:

I would meet him
But there's no way, so on this moonless night
From my yearning the embers of my love
Send sparks leaping in my breast,
Setting my heart aflame.

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This thing-most of all-is
The world of men's

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