Rookie - 224 Points (30th, november 1988 / JOS NIGERIA)


1. A New Dawn Is Reborn 8/13/2015
2. A Song Of Beauty 1/26/2016
3. A Walk With Zombie 7/23/2012
4. Above Their Ego 8/12/2012
5. Before The Fall 8/13/2013
6. Best Of Donmaston 8/8/2015
7. Beyond Timeline 1/19/2014
8. Birthday Song To My Country. 10/2/2013
9. Bone Of My Soul 8/26/2012
10. 'Bravehearts' 5/9/2013
11. Crystal Clear 10/8/2012
12. Dark Myth 5/9/2013
13. Destiny 8/20/2012
14. Eternity And Memories 1/31/2016
15. Face Of Beauty 8/4/2012
16. Flag Of Leadership 8/5/2012
17. Hold Unto Me 1/24/2013
18. If And Only If 5/26/2014
19. Killer Of Kings 8/12/2012
20. Lawful Love 7/12/2013
21. Lean And Learn O! Youth 8/8/2015
22. Letter To Time 10/4/2013
23. Mama Africa 8/13/2013
24. Mama Put 8/12/2012
25. Marble Tale.. 2/2/2014
26. Mr Piper Is Death 10/16/2012
27. My Impetuous Lover 7/23/2012
28. My Unrequited Lover 8/12/2012
29. Party With The Devil 8/20/2012
30. 'Plain Deception' 1/30/2013
31. Plight Of Fate (Part 1) 8/26/2012
32. Sandra Lost Her Pride 8/10/2012
33. Shantel&Time! 10/4/2013
34. Sleeping Moon 8/23/2012
35. Slut Of Time(Advice To Youth) 10/16/2012
36. Song Of Continent 7/18/2013
37. Song Of Soul 8/12/2012
38. Song Of The Seven Sea 8/20/2012
39. Suit Too Nice Along The Blue World 8/5/2012
40. Tales From Timothy 8/12/2012

A Walk With Zombie

What a nigtmare in Naraguta valley; what a bliss in acrid darkness, what a figure of sharp aged teeth.the miseries behind dark science! ofcourse the chemistry behind this lightworld it all happen when our window gates closes.in this ruffy city this rudeless princess that blade men dry, they drink from this pump house of redish ocean.swing their jaws and incisor mountains.the joy they derive from lonely cementries! the neither takes the shape of ligth and retrive from day light smiles! in china they were. The bat people, in africa they became the darklords, in europe they were the soccerers and...

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The Girl From My Village

Among this passive coral, the trend of this lonely path
They that shook off the dust of souls amidst another hot season of the year
The streamers all on their bowels

Then I trode down this scorching sun, among all were how my barrow wheels sneezed an laughed all through the lonely paths with me full of thoughts, today these paths were quiet with no damsel nor old alike

Suddenly, I saw this glare picture girl, indeed the girl from my village cage.She avoided my choky voice, neither did sh

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