Rookie - 224 Points (30th, november 1988 / JOS NIGERIA)


41. The Amber Stout That Burns 8/9/2015
42. The August Rain 8/20/2012
43. The Dark Legend 4/30/2013
44. The Fallen King 10/5/2013
45. The Girl From My Village 8/4/2012
46. The Hellish Paradise 10/2/2013
47. The Isle Princess In The Dream. 10/5/2013
48. The Lost Love.. 1/18/2014
49. The Serpent Girl 8/5/2012
50. The Song Of Many Seas 4/29/2013
51. The Song Of Marvel 1/22/2016
52. The Strenger 8/9/2015
53. 'The Visitor' 8/5/2012
54. The Zombie Princess(Part 1) 8/15/2012
55. The Zombie Princess(Part2) 8/20/2012
56. Time A Time 8/12/2012
57. Time Query(Suit Too Nice With Time) 1/24/2013
58. Time Scroll 8/5/2012
59. Timid Tale 8/20/2012
60. To Love A Flower 7/18/2013
61. To My Anambarian Princess 8/8/2015
62. Total Recall 1/18/2014
63. Wails Of Mortals 10/4/2013
64. What Then Becomes Of He? 10/16/2012
65. Where Will You Be 8/24/2012
66. Wistful Tales 4/30/2013

A Walk With Zombie

What a nigtmare in Naraguta valley; what a bliss in acrid darkness, what a figure of sharp aged teeth.the miseries behind dark science! ofcourse the chemistry behind this lightworld it all happen when our window gates closes.in this ruffy city this rudeless princess that blade men dry, they drink from this pump house of redish ocean.swing their jaws and incisor mountains.the joy they derive from lonely cementries! the neither takes the shape of ligth and retrive from day light smiles! in china they were. The bat people, in africa they became the darklords, in europe they were the soccerers and...

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'The Visitor'

Moaning through this blue african moon
The stars were blue icy flames of dark emptiness, then this smooth touch on my lips, the route to passive fantasy! thou thy marvel were weapon of deceit

Truly she was black but beautiful
Cage with true love.like the avail of night ghost she rode with wind.she is but a shadow in my many dreams

She pervert my empty planet of nightmares.we were friends from no man's land.with benefit of fable love'remember to close thy window gate'for she only comes to

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