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oskar hansen Poems

81. A Rat 6/8/2015
82. A Reminder 8/20/2012
83. A Sad Affair In India 1/22/2013
84. A Sea Dirge 3/16/2013
85. A Shadorma Poem 1/6/2012
86. A Shanty 5/4/2009
87. A Sigh (Tanka) 9/7/2009
88. A Sonnet (San Suu Kyu) 8/11/2009
89. A Story Of The Unsung 3/26/2013
90. A Sudden Second Sight 7/11/2013
91. A Summer 4/24/2012
92. A Summer Night 7/19/2009
93. A Tale Never Told 10/19/2011
94. A Tin Of Sardines 7/27/2010
95. A Tough Cookie 3/17/2015
96. A Truely Norwegian Poem 5/18/2009
97. A Tv Star 10/14/2012
98. A Verse For You 9/26/2011
99. A Verse Of Sexual Nature 12/19/2010
100. A Village 7/16/2009
101. A Village In Iberia 8/23/2009
102. A Way 4/1/2009
103. A Weepy 6/9/2010
104. A Winter Memory 12/22/2010
105. A Woman´s World 10/15/2012
106. A Woman's Man 1/17/2015
107. Abike Memory 4/5/2012
108. Abortion 1 12/11/2014
109. About Candles 7/1/2010
110. Accident Prone 11/5/2012
111. Acidic Sea 5/8/2009
112. Aearial Painting 5/3/2012
113. African Bee 4/23/2009
114. African Elephant -new- 6/18/2015
115. After A War 7/6/2012
116. After Coronel Kaddafi 3/24/2011
117. After Ingmar Bergman 2/11/2015
118. After Rain 1/14/2011
119. After The Revolt 2/28/2011
120. After The Wedding 11/4/2008
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...And It Was Her Summer

…And It Was Her Summer

“Go back to the children’s home, she said I have no work and
can’t afford to keep you” Late June afternoon she sat on a bench
with a man I didn’t know. The man smiled I didn’t like him, but
took the coins he gave me to buy an ice –cream for; I was still
hanging about so mother got up and slapped me across the face.
”Get lost you stupid boy! ” My face was burning I threw the coins
into the lake and ran away. When I stopped running it was night
and I could see sheep in a field, I was tired and cold, thought of
seeking shelter in a...

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Black-Winged Bird

The Black -winged Bird.
A bird with enormous wing span is darkening
the sky over the Middle east and there is much
bloodshed as always when a new nation is born
a good example is Israel it cost the life untold by
the losers, living in camps far from home.
Thousands of young men are finding adventures
and the order the seek so fervently waving black
flags knowing their nation will win no matter

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