Pablo Sanchez

Poems of Pablo Sanchez

1. Caca Dookie Stinky Stinky 4/14/2011
2. Eatin Food 4/14/2011
3. im not black 4/14/2011
4. Rapin 4/14/2011
5. Wiga Wiga Wow 4/14/2011

im not black

im not black im white i know i cant fight cracker jacks doin fake rhymes tonight im not cool to these black fools but im pretty liked by my teachers in school im not black im white i used you used to own you suckas and that was alright im sad because im not cool yo people call me a wana be gangsta but thats true do ima walking around the sreet like im the boss but i learned i learned im not after you beat my @$$ hole so now i no im not black im white bro.

im am not a racist i can emphasi

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