Paola Degli Esposti

Veteran Poet - 1,627 Points (22/03/1962 / Bologna)

Biography of Paola Degli Esposti

Paola Degli Esposti poet

Being born in Bologna, north of Italy, mother Mirella, father Paolo, in the ancient Via S.Vitale. i ve being working as office employer for years. Along a period of four years i lived in a country near town and it was there that i started writing some stories at the age of 12-13 years old. A year later after the death of my grandmother, i started writing poems. My passion to write comedies starts when i went to secondary school (13 years old) in the countryside. We did a show for parents and teachers and as a member of my class i did my best to create dialogues and scenes.At the age of 19 years old thanks to a married couple owning a small studio in their house, i had the wonderful experience to compose a song, lyrics and melody together with a friend and my sister.That was my first one, then i did others, some nice, some mediocre, some incomplete, but it is only recently that ive discovered the beauty to play an instrument and i am improving with the guitar.When i was an infant i played the bontempi organ. It is at the age of sixteen years old while going at the high school that i create my first collection of poems in Italian language.Then I typed two books with a manual typewriter (a 36 letters) .The first one was a surreal and psycological novel, the second one was a fiction novel.
Ideas in mind, the first one was to find a job, to have an income. Fantasies also. Among these that prevailed at the time, the idea of making a film. I think I started to believe it because of my passion for films, for actors, television fiction and visual art in movement.
So, it happened to make friends with other people interested in the art world, most musicians in truth. some students of Dams, higher studies in bologna for Music, theater and cinema.
We talked about music in front of a record store. Very cheerful atmosphere, alternative groups, not in the commercial channel, there was a socio-political connection to music and art, as it was the case in cities like New York, Berlin and London.
In a certain period, perhaps in November, an operator of a nightclub had in mind to achieve an overview of the groups emerging from Bologna.
At the time I was not doing anything in particular, we tried some musical sessions with friends, my sister and I, but nothing definitive.
On the day of the show in the disco in my head it matured the intention to have a band.
So I began to speak of it, as a thing already done. Ultimately, the meeting with a boy in particular it lead to reality.
His look was amazing, curious shirts, big hairs like a tuba. A fine make up, He spoke well, He was jovial, openminded, cheerful. We decided to form the band, but the name is horribly dark 'Council of Witches '. Influence, : dark bands in vogue in that period.
A fair number of young trendy boys and girls approached the small groups that already existed.
Honestly, I liked the dark movement just the for basic rhythm, and some thing of the look, no more than that for me.
Contraddictions and chaotic behaviours in establishing the team. We began however, to try, to do sessions.
The musical room we went for the most was in Via San Vitale. Wonderful, a steep staircase and old, to get there, we descended down. The room was large and frequented by other groups of Bologna. Anectode:
The birth day for my twenty-two years I celebrated right there. A cake of pastry and a cake made by me.
Cream and chocolate. Into pieces. Perhaps, the bus ride. I do not remember.
Gladness, the guitarist opted for the cake made by me. I was a shy girl, i needed continuos rewards.
As regards the songs, I want to remember that the composition of the songs took place at random. I had my personal diary where I noted the lyrics in English, i considered the most musical. I began to sing into the microphone and guitarist sewed the melody, then usually the drummer was looking for an appropriate rhythm and finally the bassist composed her bassline (My sister) . The arrangements were of the traditional rock music. The rush prevailed, though. The guitarist was soon tired of the band.
One problem was that my singing was very often the same. Monotonous. The other singer, the guy that looked amazing and cool, he brought more original pitch, he owned a tenor voice. My singing was an imitation. Maybe that's why my musical experience ran aground after 18 months. I did not pass a barrier of simple nature. And furthermore a band must be followed by a manager to move forward and to control and modulate the interaction with the audience which is a fundamental experience for me.
In the nineties a wonderful event happened to me i had the joy of an union which has been blessed by two incredible babies.
Haste has been by my side until i have made it aside and i embraced the guitar by myself and i realized it was a mistery because i could sew some notes and build a sonic speech that reflected my inner meanings.

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