Treasure Island

Paul Celano

(04-26-82 / Michigan)

Biography of Paul Celano

Paul Celano poet

I have a sad story that helped me write. Back in High School a good friend of mine had took his own life. I wrote a poem about it for a class. The teacher told me to my face that I should never write again because my writing is not good enough.

Later in 2002 I took a class for creative writing. I told the college teacher what my high school teacher said. The teacher then told me that in the class I was in, I would have to read my poems out loud. This made me very nervous.

So the day came when I had to do this. I read the same poem I was told in high school was not good enough. Everyone stood and clapped. My college teacher told me to never stop writing.

I have been writing since then. Things I see and things that happen in my life. I love to write free-verse and sometimes a little rhyme for fun. Also I believe that a thesaurus is a poets best friend. Updates

Seductive Winter Dance

A body still from excitement
Head to the sky, waiting
A whole frosted dance is about to appear

Earth’s colossal yet gentle hands grab the sun
And turn off the gleaming lights

Restful darkness

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