Paul Celano

Rookie (04-26-82 / Michigan)

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Paul Celano poet

I have a sad story that helped me write. Back in High School a good friend of mine had took his own life. I wrote a poem about it for a class. The teacher told me to my face that I should never write again because my writing is not good enough.

Later in 2002 I took a class for creative writing. I told the college teacher what my high school teacher said. The teacher then told me that in the class I was in, I would have to read my poems out loud. This made me very nervous.

So the day came when I had to do this. I read the same poem I was told in high school was not good enough. Everyone stood and clapped. My college teacher told me to never stop writing.

I have been writing since then. Things I see and things that happen in my life. I love to write free-verse and sometimes a little rhyme for fun. Also I believe that a thesaurus is a poets best friend. Updates

Electric Chronic-Techno

The saucy heated beat begins
The body and blood starts to rise

The sensual vibration moves
Shaking in the lower meat thighs

Vibrant lights turn off their burn beams
Crowded areas start to glow

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