Paul Hartal

Paul Hartal Poems

1. A Brief History Of Abstract Art 1/5/2015
2. A Chapter In The Life Of Imagination 11/19/2014
3. A Conflict With Athens 10/8/2014
4. A Fib Of Nothing 7/14/2012
5. A Haiku Of Chances 7/17/2012
6. A Haiku On Faith 5/1/2014
7. A Haiku On Food And Education 6/4/2016
8. A Haiku On Love 11/30/2014
9. A Haiku On Uniformity In Diversity 5/3/2014
10. A Lover Akin To Bamboo 3/12/2015
11. A Paradox Of Truth 10/2/2011
12. A Prisoner Of Sobibor 3/1/2012
13. A Song Of Infinity 8/17/2012
14. A Tanka For Artist Gu Kaizhi 6/11/2013
15. A Tanka Of Eye Color 2/18/2013
16. A Tanka On Life 8/2/2014
17. Aborted Landing 4/27/2014
18. Absolute Irony 2/17/2012
19. Abstract For Kandinsky 11/24/2014
20. Absurd Breast Cancer Prevention 10/5/2011
21. Acrostic 5/3/2014
22. Acrylic Sight 10/5/2014
23. An Asymmetrical War 9/4/2014
24. An Enduring Enigma 3/28/2015
25. An Oak Wood Piano On Kristallnacht 10/10/2011
26. And She Said No To Her Lover 1/7/2013
27. Angel In Transit 10/9/2011
28. Apology To A Dandelion 6/30/2012
29. Are Virgins Best Wives? 7/14/2015
30. Armenia, Armenia 10/3/2011
31. Art And Reality 9/27/2013
32. Art Portals 3/7/2013
33. Atheism Compliments God 10/4/2011
34. Auschwitz Souvenirs 4/28/2014
35. Balkan Nightmares 6/8/2012
36. Batman Combats Oscar Wilde 10/4/2011
37. Bed Of Roses Blistered 7/22/2016
38. Beyond Our Cosmos 10/12/2014
39. Big Bang Haiku 5/25/2015
40. Big Bang With Horizon Problem 10/15/2011
Best Poem of Paul Hartal

Oranges And Grapes

Oranges and grapes refuse to grow in the cold.
Today I sing and dance, refuse to grow old.
Yet all the same, time is tyrant and ruthless,
Unfolds my wrinkling years, it is relentless.

Now and then the lots seem to be gentle and kind,
But alloyed with fate the somnambulist is blind.
Luck and fortuity might act as a soubrette,
Life spins our fate like roulette in a film set.

Still, let us drink to life, celebrate, and be glad,
Let us sing and dance today, refuse to be sad.
Oranges and grapes do not grow in the cold,
A warm wind ties ribbons to maple ...

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Cesarean Section

On a sunny day of Taurus
they cut her abdomen.
With stainless scalpels
the surgeons unlatched her uterus
and out of her slashed womb,
touching with their sterile gloves
the enigma of an enclosed but remote self,
they pulled out the boy crying,
covered with blood,

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