Treasure Island

Paula Glynn

(December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

Biography of Paula Glynn

I am 33 years old and have been writing poetry for well over a decade. My poems are long and very descriptive. I write from the heart with all my poetry. Although, some of my poems are lighthearted, such as my poem 'The Mars Bar'. I also write the odd horror poem, like my poems 'Twisting Atoms' and 'Written in Blood'. I would like to have all my best work published by a well known publishing house. However, I shall continue to post my poetry on websites such as this. My 'Spider, Spider' nursery rhyme is published on a 'Spiderzrule' website, that is frequently accessed by school children. I do hope they enjoy reading my poem! I intend to continue writing poetry for many more years to come and do hope to have a publisher realise the worth of my hardwork. But I will carry on entering poetry competitions, being published in anthologies, and the suchlike. I really do hope people enjoy my work. I appreciate any comments and will happily improve upon my present work! If you do have any thoughts, do share them. But happy reading and I hope you're not bored! Updates

On Repeat

We seem to be going around in circles,
Like a record on repeat,
The same old day plays out,
The same old situation is heavy,
And you hold all the cards,
With that trickery you do so well,
So much so,
That I'm lost in the maze,
And under your hypnotic spell,

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