Phillip Gallant

Rookie (Canada)

Biography of Phillip Gallant

I am caught in a time spiral of confusion; that period we all experience between birth and death.

Having failed and succeeded in various occupations, I levelled out into the role of Project Supervisor at a local Nightshelter for vulnerable and homeless souls. (But by the Grace)

Somewhere inside hides a poet, writer, lyricist and/or whatever, laying dormant and suppressed by social, cultural and vertical thinking.

Free at last!

I humbly submit my thoughts, feelings and subconscious awakenings. Updates

An Awakening

I sailed the cusp of Meta-universe
All physical authenticity
Through quantum, parallel, timelines and alternate realities,
But you were not there.

I have studied most diligent
Of every knowledge written
Scientific, philosophical, theological and myth,
Yet you eluded me.

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