Pierre Rausch

Rookie - 425 Points [SRSO, Shiverspine] (24.01.1982 / Luxembourg)

Biography of Pierre Rausch

With the Summernightbrand grow a company the size of the structure. Where goes the journey, what are the aim and prerequisite to SRSO, there are even several models?

With Summernightbrand Record Sales Office (Owner: Mr Pierre Rausch) , it is a Luxembourgish small business in the full music business, with possibilities of spreading on the Internet, sales of retail products, pulling a next generation and just negotiations with larger companies, such as ProSieben sat.1, RTL group or even SACEM Luxembourg, MTV and EMI Music Publishing.

SRSO, Summernightbrand now does not necessarily is similar to those providers, which analyzed - and correctly argues there are typo - music providers same format - translations, make interesting especially in the present day. As Pierre Rausch, has to live with hard punches in the face, his relations with the hip hop should be mentioned genre or the rockers Radiohead, which proceed with similar methods:

Each post, any prospective buyer should be respected, whose work to connect, offering invention.

'SRSO would record an album like with the Rockhal, an Esch-sur-Alzette, where newcomers, but also visitors to the Rockhal, have interest in music, in the music business show. SRSO has interest in casting (Germany 2014) , or larger plates contracts to enable what music video clip. There are already contracts with Viacom/MTV, TuneCore, SACEM, the Chambre de Commerce but also the BOIP. Our interest, lead to satellite providers, but also formats such as Dolby Surround.

Summernightbrand Record Sales Office: explanations
(1) Summernightbrand Record Sales Office
(2) Manager Peter Rausch
(3) Procedures for creation of the type Summernightbrand Record Sales Office
Terms and conditions of sale of SRSO
Summernightbrand Record Sales Office
Summernightbrand Record Sales Office, (mentioned later in paragraph SRSO) , is a Luxembourg company, with
establishment business destined to small market and a registration of trade. Regular participation on Castings, so the
creation of songs with lyrics, accompaniment of agreements and part acoustic, as well as the creation of CD with layout
and break records. An internet network supports our possibilities, with several websites and e-mail addresses, which
allows the customer to inquire, with regard to products, our partners and our mutual offers; listen to our tubes,
participate in quizzes, to register for the guest book, contact us in case of question or insecurity in what concerns
products, our partners and our mutual offers.
SRSO is a Luxembourg project, having presented its initiatives to the floors of justice, the Chamber of Deputies, as well
as the Marechalat of the course and the Municipal Council of the city of Luxembourg. The firms involved include a
lawyer, a notary, the Police Grand-Ducale insurer and policy, as well as images consult agencies casting, SACEM of the
Luxembourg, but also the Rockhal, in regards to the repeated and registration.
A purpose of SRSO is the presentation to the Castings, concerts, presentations to pedestrian zones. Another goal is the
support of the household and the ecclesiastical responsibilities. An extension is planned for 2014, records will be
deposited, to our Luxembourg notary.
The beginnings of SRSO date from the 'Department Of Reclusive Paranoia', mentioned in the following paragraph
DORP, a fresh 'MySpace'-site, presentations for castings, and instrumental music to pedestrian zones. Influenced by
Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke (Radiohead, Atoms for peace) , the lyrics 'Court supplier' model, mentioned
subsequently CS have been proposed, for the presentation of SRSO institutions to the monarchy and the luxemburgeois
copyright, SACEM. Here are the lyrics in several languages, to meet the demands of the Catholic Church, but also to
the requirements of the monarchy. These lyrics can offer a 'Best Of' album with individual manufacturing for different
countries, but also to overwhelm clients at the market subsidiary of the Portugal and Spain in example. The CS proposal
includes also lyrics initiated the monumental work Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, known at the Luxembourg,
recifiations to the Amit Hugo Museum and the Natnal Archive, our offer the story of Jean Valjean, Napoleon Bonaparte
and unWaterloo. Thematic also includes tabs for the new-born, their birth in hospital.
The DORP is a Thome Yorke entitled of Stanley Donwood, as slogan, which brought initial successes, the first step of
management (introduction) .
'When I listened to Thome Yorke first, it was a divine meeting' the goal is to find a 'follow-up' to Radiohead, to
maintain the rock alternative; labour to the future generation, already listening noriously. One single musician capable
of conducting the scene, in this case the acoustic version of 'Blues & Slash'.
Apply SACEM was started possibility the Cover of SRSO titles for young customers, with a possibility of
telecommunication internet in the tabs. The titles proposed to Myspace will be included in this application; that the use
of SRSO is as legal situation clarified.
Should Lanterns Shine, mentioned later in paragraph SLS, is, in any case, SRSO current reference.
'When the SACEM created Antistar, I had difficulties to entitle my albums, linking the great successes of years postwar
of album of prestige of the personal names.' What makes the name of the more fragile. 'It should be SC., a loser
Facebook title words, its measures, slightly in importance.'
SLS was registered under an umbrella of a choir of Ettelbruck, offering 'Southampton Irregular', tube offering a unique
build (Carrure) . 'Sacrilège' represents another aspect, the musician frele, a divorce between singer and guitar. The
album cover has been developed in the social seat of this same choir, justifying facing a possible setting. Lumen entitled
aspects of the, with agreements motivated by the proposed boucins of the instrumental group.
SRSO has sought, in this context a State grant from the Ministry of the Middle Classes and tourism as well as a loan
Summernightbrand Record Sales Office (SRSO) | http: //summernightbrand.doomby.com
00700903582 (SACEM Luxembourg) | 1268137 (BOIP depot) | 20294-091-01004-3 (IRS)
A39302 (RC) | 10000112/0 (CE) | 1982012417399 (CCSS) | E50/348106 (Lalux Assurances)
from the Société Nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement.
SRSO is presented, apart from the accustomed partners, CLT - UFA, GRUNDY LIGHT, BRAINPOOL TV,
and REVERBNATION; as part of its opening to the internet social networks and a prestigious email list.
The Manager
Born January 24,1982 in the Luxembourg, Pierre Rausch is the son of M Eugene Rausch and Ms. Helga Wilhelmine
The father, engineer, able to build concert opportunities, uncle a drug manufacturer, a conaissant of classical singing and
the large box type translation techniques, he was close to Pierre Rausch to work in the field of modern music or to
become singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, the sister model being saxophonist of exerence.
Links to the monarchy were present from birth, with a grand tour of the Grand Ducal family at 1, rue Kingshaff; L-8838
Wahl. “A photo”
Attacked by a dog, the first requirements, liaison with the insurer has been modeled:
'The dog has attacked me across a barrier, attacking not only myself, but also my household, my wife, my family and
my work environment.'
Holder of a degree of classical secondary studies and a degree DEUG in economics management, Pierre Rausch has
been a member of the Wahl church and the Luxemourgeoise Football Federation, former member of the Sapeurs
Pompiers, Member of the choir of Ettelbruck and member of the choir of Steinfort.
Attending several hires, including a place as distributor of newspapers and mounter of scaffolding. Using desperate
participation, as well requisitioned n the midst of the Foyer Ulysse, in the context of the preparations for the 'Unser Star
für Baku' cast, he also lived in environments of the home, known for our its habitements to the Camping Fuusekaul.
It is a person with experience of a little bit of everything, who conducts the 'Luxemburger Wort' of regular frequency,
with computer knowledge and media.
Attacked in public and at home, referred to PV 12047 and folder XD-10-4504, Pierre Rausch is currently on sick leave,
until March 31,2012; the attending physician was Dr. Marek Halembert. His social worker is Ms. Marylène Fychant of
the Medico-Socialele League. The 'Minimum guaranteed income' and requested summer income CNAP, being in need
of several drugs such as Zaldiar, Rovamycene, Daktarin and Nivea cream, among others. Several certificates and report
of the type CNS/HSCC was compiled, describing the damage.
Currently, a simple music game is hardly possible, limiting me to sporadic performances, in order to inform consumers
about this project.
Terms of creation of the type Summernightbrand Record Sales Office
Terms and conditions of sale of SRSO
The terms of establishment of firms similar to SRSO, are in force for SRSO. an Office of several people can access this
approach, offer a different style of music: sharing jurisdiction Luxembourg and European. The Manager should have
several years of experience in the media business to offer a competent team with notary, lawyer and insurance. A
possibility of adaptation of lyrics of SRSO is welcome, but also secondary aspects, which concern our songs.
Now, a sale of SRSO is not provided in the phase of preparation.

Object: Contact | Internet Network | Partners


> 'Summernightbrand':
> Summernightbrand Record Sales Office
> M Rausch Pierre
> Rég. Com.: A39302
> Et.Com.: 10000112/0
> Matr.: 1982012417399
> Kulturpass: 1529776533
> Archives Nationales: 2576
> BNL: K-334871
> SACEM Membership: 00700 90 35 82
> 136, Val Ste Croix
> L-1370 Luxembourg
> B.P.84
> L-8501 Rédange-sur-Attert
> +352 691 98 93 46
> pierre.rausch@tango.lu > rauschpierre8@gmail.com
> rauschpierre@yahoo.com

> CCRLULL: LU73 0090 0001 0419 5409
> CCPLULL: LU60 1111 2028 3407 0000
> PAYPAL: pierre.rausch@tango.lu

Internet Network

> http: //summernightbrand.doomby.com
> http: //new.myspace.com/summernightbrand
> http: //www.myspace.com/summernightbrand
> http: //www.reverbnation.com/summernightbrand
> https: //plus.google.com/u/0/b/102551528697682235911/102551528697682235911/posts
> https: //plus.google.com/u/0/b/102551528697682235911/104445200358417355163/posts
> https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCgF2ou9piJkjvG3BoyfsL1g
> https: //soundcloud.com/summernightbrand-record
> http: //summernightbrand.tumblr.com
> http: //www.lastfm.de/music/Summernightbrand+Record+Sales+Office
> http: //www.songkick.com/artists/6759719
> http: //www.facebook.com/pierre.rausch
> https: //www.facebook.com/pages/Rausch-Pierre/119731148189776? ref=ts&id=119731148189776&sk=app_6452028673
> https: //twitter.com/PierreRausch
> http: //www.editus.lu/ed/fr/summernightbrand-record-sales-office-luxembourg-1512947.html
> http: //www.sacem.fr/oeuvres/oeuvre/rechercheOeuvre.do? q=pierre+rausch&searchoption=default&page=1
> https: //www.rcsl.lu/mjrcs/jsp/DisplayConsultDetailCompanyActionNotSecured.action? id=A39302×ession=1363186542824&CURRENT_TIMESTAMP_ID=1363186525012


Attorney: Etude Baulisch. Maître Daniel Baulisch. Arendt & Medernach
Notary Public: Mustafar Nezar (Maître Gérard Lecuit) | M. Tran. / M Gloesener (Maître Emile Schlesser)
Assurency: Steve Kreitz (Lalux Group Assurance)
Political Reference: Xavier Bettel (DP) Mathis Prost (DP) . Lucien Weiler (CSV) . Sam Tanson (Déi Gréng) .
Social Assistance: Suzanna Costa (Fonds National de Solidarité)
Marylène Fychant (Ligue Médico-Sociale) .
Casting Agency: Beate Faber, Britta Ullerich (Casting-Concept) .
Andreas Donat, Guiseppe Gennaro (FAMEonME) . Tina Thiele (casting-network.de) .
Image Consult: SACEM Luxembourg. Atout Image Consult. Rockhal Music Ressources.
Banque: Paypal Luxembourg, Banque Raffeisen, P&T Luxembourg
Église catholique: Chorale Rédange-sur-Attert, Chorale Ettelbrück. Chorale Roodt-sur-Syre

Pierre Rausch's Works:


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All the sun long, it was running, it was lovely, the hey
Fields high as the house, the tunes from the chimney
It was air and playing and lovely watery, it was love and air and playing
Fields high as the house, the tunes from the dim chimney
Glaze that the card rigged and played as lottery
Night-jars as dim as dust under the barn
Flying tents, adventure, brighter, lie merely, lie merely able
And the horses flashing into the dark
She said: father will go out with you to fish

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