pilar guethon

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im very young but i feel i may have a lot more of my life to express in my poems
everything i write about is based on some real facts about whats going on in my life
many people think some one so young cant have so many problems and things going on
but they are way off i have gone through so many things its hard for me to explain in words
i only hope for the best out of everybody i meet and please read my poems maybe you can relate....

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My Nails Match My Heart

my nails match my heart
'Lost Love' that's what its called
as pal as my nails my heart is
if only i could paint my heart
as easily as i paint my nails
red would be a nice color for the heart
does red match with how it feel
No! 'Lost Love' does
have i ever found love that paints my heart red

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