Po Chu-I


Po Chu-I Poems

1. Planting A Lichi Tree 9/30/2010
2. The Almond Blossoms Of Chao Village 9/30/2010
3. A Lament For My Son Ts’ui 9/30/2010
4. Autumn Cold 9/30/2010
5. The Grain Tribute 9/30/2010
6. The Old Man With The Broken Arm 9/30/2010
7. Lute 9/30/2010
8. Night On The West River 9/30/2010
9. On Being Stricken With Paralysis 9/30/2010
10. Drunk Again 9/30/2010
11. Remembering Golden Bells 9/30/2010
12. Kept Waiting 9/30/2010
13. The Dragon Of The Black Pool 9/30/2010
14. Golden Bells 9/30/2010
15. Staying At Bamboo Lodge 9/30/2010
16. The Dwarfs Of Tao-Chou 9/30/2010
17. Lazy Man's Song 9/30/2010
18. The Philosopher [lao Tzu] 9/30/2010
19. The Red Cockatoo 9/30/2010
20. A Forsaken Garden 9/30/2010
Best Poem of Po Chu-I

A Forsaken Garden

I enter the court

Through the middle gate—

And my sleeve is wet with tears.

The flowers still grow

In the courtyard,

Though two springs have fled

Since last their master came.

The windows, porch, and bamboo screen

Are just as they always were,

But at the entrance to the house

Someone is missing—


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Autumn Cold

here's my snowy crown
time's tinted decrepitude
there's the frost in the courtyard
autumn's glittery breath
now I'm sick and just watching my wife
pick cure-alls
then I'm frozen waiting for the maid
to comb my hair
without the body

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