Po Chu-I


Po Chu-I Poems

1. Planting A Lichi Tree 9/30/2010
2. The Almond Blossoms Of Chao Village 9/30/2010
3. Autumn Cold 9/30/2010
4. A Lament For My Son Ts’ui 9/30/2010
5. The Grain Tribute 9/30/2010
6. The Old Man With The Broken Arm 9/30/2010
7. The Dragon Of The Black Pool 9/30/2010
8. Lute 9/30/2010
9. Staying At Bamboo Lodge 9/30/2010
10. Night On The West River 9/30/2010
11. On Being Stricken With Paralysis 9/30/2010
12. Remembering Golden Bells 9/30/2010
13. Kept Waiting 9/30/2010
14. Golden Bells 9/30/2010
15. The Dwarfs Of Tao-Chou 9/30/2010
16. Lazy Man's Song 9/30/2010
17. The Philosopher [lao Tzu] 9/30/2010
18. Drunk Again 9/30/2010
19. A Forsaken Garden 9/30/2010
20. The Red Cockatoo 9/30/2010
Best Poem of Po Chu-I

The Red Cockatoo

Sent as a present from Annam—
A red cockatoo.
Colored like the peach-tree blossom,
Speaking with the speech of men.
And they did to it what is always done
To the learned and eloquent.
They took a cage with stout bars
And shut it up inside.

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A Forsaken Garden

I enter the court

Through the middle gate—

And my sleeve is wet with tears.

The flowers still grow

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