Albot George

A Better Book - Poem by Albot George

I know it has nothing to do with trust
For me it’s all about the feeling of being empty
When we are not together,
But you can trust me
(But you are going to go anyway someone
Will need to protect me, cause trust me
When they see me, it will be like old spice revisited
Or the links effect, hope there not going to chase me
Don’t like it when that happens
They will want to pull more than my hair; ’)
But I will say is
I hope you’re keeping up! !
I will only ever be yours, which is my promise to you again
I feel that my heart would stop
And my chest would rupture
If I lost you, I need you standing beside me
You are my fab and you’re amazing,
You are the only one that can set my passion
A light, when I say that you are my it
I still don’t think you know what that means
Loving you is only one part of IT;
For me
You have the warmth and a smile
That would light up a small sate’’
Or at the very least room 9
The moments I have, that I’ feel for you
Are so incredible, and intoxicating
I am so much more than just in love
With you
You are the most wonderful and gorgeous’
I have or ever will encounter
I love you more! !
I think if there is anything I would change
It would be your toes, maybe your feet
Your legs a little bit longer! ! Leave the fat bits
The middle bit, which would take far too long
To even talk about, never mind do’’
Your neck and chins’ roller-coaster might help pin them back
Your mouth just needs a fillynn Albert rings a bell’’
Hair you can keep ginger
Earring’s can stay it wouldn’t be fair; ;
Do you get it (fair) god all them years ago
But I wouldn’t change them,
The green eyes, always and forever, need them.
Tongue in cheek, yes please that it just like that
“” Wiggle it just a little bit””

I would never want a second chance
I would die if you ever wanted someone else
Like the way you’ve wanted me, I hope that I am your IT:
The only other one I fancy at this moment
Is hairy sorry, I mean Marry to block out
The sun light’’ watch the head,
It was a poor kiss from you tonight
If it was a kiss
Don’t think I would have felt that
Even if it was on my lips
Unless I’m wrong?
Oh I almost forgot’ you are going to
Come’ on Saturday
It will do you good, it will relieve the tension
And empty what’s being bottled up’’
Inside you’ com.on let me relieve your stress
It like going to the dentist once you’ve had the hole
It feels so much better, I think you know
What I’m trying to say, pick your legs up
And come and face ‘IT’
love you

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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