Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

All That I Wanted To See - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

All that the fish wanted to see; was a colossal
assemblage of salty water inundated with a flurry of
undulating and tangy waves,
All that the bird wanted to see; was the gigantic
expanse of blue sky packed with an voluptuous ensemble
of misty clouds,
All that the crocodile wanted to see; was disdainfully
garbled slurry of mud; a profoundly sticky track on
which people slipped even before they could have
All that the rat wanted to see; was a tunnel engulfed
with perennial darkness; a pile blended with sewage;
cheese and garbage lying scattered on the streets,
All that the mountain summit wanted to see; was a
festoon of ominous clouds; with sometimes glimpses of
brilliantly sizzling hot sunshine,
All that the carrot wanted to see; was a blanket of
clammy mud; varied piles of debris coalesced perfectly
with soil,
All that the miserly caterpillar wanted see; was a
trail of fresh farm crops; sprouting in splendid
harmony on farm land; for it to nibble and chew,
All that the ducks wanted see; was placid pools of
water around; an enchanting serenity lingering
profusely in the atmosphere,
All that a starved dog wanted see; was a meaty piece
of bone; crumbs of delicious bread left inadvertently
on the bakery window,
All that the lizard wanted see; was a battalion of
slimy insects pertinently hovering around the
artificially dingy and dim light,
All that the mighty elephant wanted to see; was a
stream of exotic water; which it could splash with
heavenly strokes of its trunk on its parched body,
All that the bull wanted to see; was a fiery red
cloth; evoking it to ferociously charge and wade
forward unrelentingly,
All that the deserts wanted to see; was thunderous
cloudbursts of rain; gargantuan droplets of water
majestically caressing their brutally scorched
All that the spider wanted to see; was a valley of
silken thread; on which it could rampantly philander
and dance under enchanting beams of moonlight,
All that the shivering skin wanted to see; was
compassionate rolls of furry cloth; lanky strands of
resilient fabric which would protect it from austerely
chilly winds of winter,
All that the blinded eye wanted to see; was the faces
of the ones around who stood by it in times of
inexplicable distress; the sacrosanct palms of the
mother who gave it birth,
All that the mind wanted to see; was the mesmerizing
beauty of this boundless Universe; the stupendously
vivacious traces of life that existed in bountiful on
this fathomless planet,
All that the vividly striped peacock wanted to see;
was royally oligarchic sunset blended astoundingly
with frugal globules of rain; fomenting it to spread
its wings to a full blossom under the sky,
All that the fleet of irascibly loitering mosquitoes
wanted to see; was supple and succulent pockets of
ripe skin; inevitably inviting them to perch upon and
suckle blood to their hearts content,
All that the badly tied stomach wanted to see; was
heaps of appetizing food; transiting it into waves of
tumultuous rhapsody and uncontrollable euphoria,
All that the dilapidated dungeons wanted to see; was
mammoth boxes of scintillating diamonds and silver
permeating their eerie dark and profound gloominess,
All that the elderly grandparents wanted to see; was
their little children bouncing with ebullience and
fresh signs of robust life,
All that the burnt tongue wanted to see; was
tantalizingly pulverized white slabs of freezing ice,
All that the overwhelmingly feverish body wanted to
see; was stringent cabinets replete with powerful
antiseptic; magically healing its gruesomely ailing
All that the Creator wanted to see; was the earth that
he had evolved blissfully functioning; human beings of
each race and fraternity embracing each other in the
spirit of unbiased brotherhood,
And all that I wanted to see; was her ravishing form
every second; every minute; every hour; every day;
every fortnight; every year; for countless more
centuries and births to unveil. 

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