Langston Hughes

(1 February 1902 – 22 May 1967 / Missouri)

Dreams - Poem by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
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Topic(s) of this poem: dreams

Comments about Dreams by Langston Hughes

  • Abdelkader Bechaa (5/24/2009 3:45:00 AM)

    Hi, everybody. It's fabulous poem its seemed as romantic poem in the same time shows how can changes conditions for us, and benefit from our dreams.Even if Hughes was a writer committed to his people, American Negroes, who suffered under segregation and discriminatory laws. But the poems take a wide meaning even in our life because dreams that’s what we needs in pains and darkness dreams helps us to do not lose ourselves dreams in every times and everywhere. So dreams for a nice future…………. (Report) Reply

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  • Salem Mehda (5/23/2009 9:45:00 AM)

    Hi to evry body, Ithink that the poem is amazing because it contains ameaning tha evry body needs it.Life without dreams is no thing; whenever we think and live are dreams.Besides; all we know the life is hard, but does not give up and loose our we must resist and think; becaese dreams does not come without thinking, simply our life full of lucks and apportionities. (Report) Reply

  • Mounia Bellagha (5/23/2009 5:20:00 AM)

    i really approciate this poem as well as i am proud to read it because life is full of hope and the key of it is dreams; furthermore, dreams will open the door for imagination; so as long as we are alive, we must keep in dreaming and we should never give up'whenever there is a dream, there is a hope' (Report) Reply

  • Lamia Hamlaoui (5/22/2009 6:33:00 AM)

    from my personnel opinion, I like this poem very much because it speaks about the most prominent topic tha is dreams, I think that lif without dreams means nothing, and also you feel that there is something missing in your life.However, it makes you lookin for bette future (Report) Reply

  • Radhia Hamidi Ben Hamida (5/20/2009 9:24:00 AM)

    I ike this poem 'Dreams' by Langston Hughes.When i read it i really feel that life is our dreams that we want and we hope to achieve sooner or later, because without dreams life is like a broken mirror which we can not see our self in it. (Report) Reply

  • Abla Khattache (5/20/2009 9:16:00 AM)

    The dream is like a small light that push us to feel by real and strong meaning to live. You can notstay without it, believe me I tried to stop dreams but I found myself far away, but I returned to dream that in most time gets me away to better realmity. (Report) Reply

  • Fatiha Charroun (5/20/2009 6:23:00 AM)

    'oh '....IT was and it is and it remains the wonderfu masterpiece that i do never forget in my life! ! ! , it it give hope, when life throw you in its stormy waves, darky and terrorist nights, when all the candles and lights are switch off all the doors are closed, a fresh air tickle your feeling, hold you between its fair arms, above the cloud and with the stairs, could you believe it if you do 'the dream will be true, ' (Report) Reply

  • B F (5/20/2009 4:34:00 AM)

    hi, dreams have an important value in our life, the one who has no dream has no futur and no life we must keep dreaming.however, the poet personified the value of dreams and used the suitable metaphor to attract the, dreams are the air that we breathe, if we lose them we will lose our life. (Report) Reply

  • Wahiba Beribech (5/20/2009 4:03:00 AM)

    Hi every is really a good poem.It talks about the idea of dreams which needs by everyone.I can not imagine a life without it how can I define alive person if he has no dreams.dreams considred as a light of our life as the auther said a life without dreams as a barren field frozen with snow is tron tel for the GODS SAKE what can I get from one who has no goals no hops no dreams (Report) Reply

  • Hanane Bendakha (5/20/2009 3:38:00 AM)

    This poem talk about dreams which is to draw to your self hopes with imagination, your life without dreaming is like you walk without seeing.So you must dream and try even if you fail, It makes new hopes, new energy in new day. (Report) Reply

  • Ahlem Laib (5/19/2009 11:46:00 AM)

    Ithink that dreams is one of the best poems that I've read in my life because it let a great impression on me.really as the poet said 'life without dreams as a bird without wings' this means that life without dreams as life without hope, so my brother dream to prove your existence. (Report) Reply

  • Ejaz Khan (5/19/2009 6:00:00 AM)

    How very true, and yet the world goes on having a dreamless slumber. A world without dreams is a risky place to be. (Report) Reply

  • Nahla Ziad (5/19/2009 5:25:00 AM)

    A wonderful poem because it talks about dreams. I think that dreams are very important, they are as a candle that lighting our life, if we do not have dreams in our life, we don't have hope so, when there is dream, there is a hope, there is a purpose in life. (Report) Reply

  • Ibtissem Meghith (5/19/2009 4:40:00 AM)

    I've been really profoundly impressed by Hughes' DREAMS, for it gives another sense to my life. Everyday's perils usually bring about people's despair, frustration and depression; however, DREAMS does lift our spirits to see hope, strength and new horizons everywhere.So, ' DREAM! ' since there's nothing to lose. (Report) Reply

  • Fattoum Djaballah (5/19/2009 3:54:00 AM)

    Peace be upon you, longstons' dreams poem proves that length never limit meanings. Dreams tend to be a strange concept within poverty we live in and hard times. May be we are in need to dreams, but we lost the way long time ago. We really feel frozen without them, but we are afraid to be lost if hang on them. May be when you dream you gona reach them some day. Our dreams people stick always to the real life, to what we can put on the table, and hope to live longer to see our children grow up. At least for us dreams stay dreams. You gona think that i'm too pessimistic, i just do not neglect the other side of life. (Report) Reply

  • Feriel Hattna (5/19/2009 3:51:00 AM)

    I like this poem.It makes me see the life more beautiful and encourage me to keep dreaming and never stop.Thank you for writing this great poem. (Report) Reply

  • Sara Rahal (5/19/2009 3:05:00 AM)

    before I read the wonderfull poem dreams by Langstnon hughes, I was not believing in dreams. but when I read his poem; for a moment my dreams become true.I thank that poets.I really approtiate his Great work, we need dreams in every where and for every time.I felecetate any one who have read hyghes poem. (Report) Reply

  • Badra Chelbi (5/19/2009 2:45:00 AM)

    It is a wonderful poem.i really like it.i also like the simplicity in writing it.Hughes's words touch our feelings about dreams, which are the air we breathe.As we need the air, we need dreaming and never give up dreaming. (Report) Reply

  • Samiha Tertag (5/18/2009 1:37:00 PM)

    It's a good choice of this poem.I love it, because it speakes to the mind directly, and it is for all people not only to me or to you asking for dream and dream without stoping, to take our goals and make dreams real to drew our way of life. but if there are no dreams, life will be die and life deserve to be lived. (Report) Reply

  • Meddas Halima (5/18/2009 8:58:00 AM)

    'Dreams' in its first reading it may mean nothing to majority of people but after reading Langston Hughes' poem 'Dreams' we feel greatness. Personally, I do agree with him, to dreamis to make it true situation, realize our hopes and wishes it shows that nothing is impossible in our life without dreams nothing will happen and nothing will exist.So, you should dream and keep on dreaming and cling on it, your soul will be enriched with hopes and the belief that we can have and can do every thing.Keep dreaming to be alive. (Report) Reply

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