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Matthew Ch.7 V.12 - Poem by bryan wallace

'Do unto others -
As you would have them do unto you.'

A simple Bible verse -
Telling us to treat others
As we would like to be treated ourselves.
But is it written the wrong way 'round?

If we were to treat others
In the way we treat ourselves -
A dark and lonely life we would lead -
Many friends we would lose.

Would you tell a friend,
To stand in front of a mirror -
And say - 'you are ugly, you are fat? '
Leaving them their beaming light to hide - under a bushel?

Would we endlessly criticise -
Our friends each and every mistake?
To use each error as a millstone -
To hang aorund their neck.

Would we tell our friends
'You are stupid - good for nothing? '
Tying them up in misery -
Binding themselves in the chains they forged in life.

Would you say - 'You can't do that -
You're not good enough! '
Holding them back -
From each and every dream and aspiration?

Yet that is what we do -
Each and every day - to ourselves!
Yet we would not accept such treatment -
Nor would we give it to friends - or even strangers in the street.

Perhaps what Jesus should have said
Would read something like-
'Do unto ourselves -
As we would do unto others! '

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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