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My Homeboy - Poem by Christopher John Uy

I finally figured out the solution to women
Just be your self then you’ll see yourself winnin
I seen this change through my one of homeboys
Cuz back in the day he was told “you have no game”
By so many women who didn’t think he was appeallin
Dealin with the pain of course has always hurt
Picked himself up quick and brushed off that dirt
But he was bein himself and it wasn’t enough
A close friend of his said “boy you got it tough”
But that didn’t stop him from any pursuin’
He kept searchin for the right one steady crusin’
He had that faith which is why I gave him respect
I just couldn’t figure how a man so nice can get so much neglect?
But what this dude had that most guys didn’t
Was the fact that he didn’t believe in quittin’
I like to say, you really believe in something do what it takes
Then I told him, watch out for them crazy heartbrakes

So here was this dude that believed in love
Prayed every night looking for answers from above
I guess you can say, he’s a hopeless romantic
This is a true story so it is what you make of it

But let me tell y’all somethin’ I can definitely relate
I told him to stop trying so hard and to just wait
For that right one it will come to you naturally
No need to speed the process up constantly
Take your mind off these women for a minute
Hangin’ wit your boys is always better admit it
But don’t trip about these girls so much
I mean honestly, can you even go on a day without a crush! ?
I can’t blame him cuz the dudes got a big heart
I took away the cigs n booze, I’d hate to see him fall apart
Later that night he decided to just sleep it off
I felt so bad cuz he seemed so lost.

The next mornin’ came bright and early
He sent me a text to come over and hurry
He told me that he had very good news
He feels a lot better and no longer feels the blues
Cuz the girl of his dreams finally came to life
He introduced her to me and I was thinking “hey she’s nice”
They met at pond just a few miles from his neighborhood
Obviously he hollered at her pshh I know he would
As he told me he approached this girl a little differently
He took things slower than he normally does, he tells me:
“I’m not trying to rush into anything so don’t worry about that
With you, I’m willing to go with the flow and take the right path”
These words of sincerity were enough for her to believe
That this guy was for real and was not trying to mess around
Now that my homeboy has love, all happiness is found.

19 December 2008 @ 1: 52 A.M.

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