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my three works

uplift this bound community
bound by systems of wealth and non-wealth
allow people to struggle less
allow people to have options
the 38 hour work week is no good
computer games and movies are helping no one
drunks drink every night
and for what

I watch my father and mother
work every day
for many many years
they provide things for this world
they have chosen worthwhile careers
but they have both worked for one reason
they had to
there was no choice
and that is what breaks me

I am happy to work
it is not that I am lazy
I just want to work in a field of worth
I would love to be a doctor
I would love to be a monk
I would love to be in a position where I either,
help people
change things for the better
or inform people

I have made choices
I cannot be a doctor
I probably shouldn't be a monk
as I want a lover
I cannot easily study some degree that guarantees change
I am a poet
A musician
an artist
But I make no living from either of the three

So I must work

I am in the same position as most
but I wish I didn't have to work in a job,
I think is pointless
why would I work as a bank teller
when I can see the issues banks cause
why would I work as a barrista
when people could make their own coffee's
Why would I work as a barman
when I think people shouldn't drink

I have a job looking after someones pets
But in a way I see no point in having pets

I have issues with most jobs
I have issues with most services
I have issues with every way things are run
my issue is how we produce
how we transport
how we consume
how we live our lives

The buddhists say life is suffering
life is inadequate
we must accept that and learn to work with it
But I cannot just sit here knowing how the world is run
I cannot ignore how the western world spends its money
from simple things like manipulative advertising
inadequate packaging
pointless websites
badly designed furniture
gun manufacture
alchahol production
etc etc

the list never ends
we are doing so much wrong

and I am supposed to just fit in
to just accept it
and keep my mouth shut

I can't

but I cannot do much but sing, write and paint.

at least I can do those.

Submitted: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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