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Past, Present, Future - Poem by fred sweetguy

So much lucky I got what a wonder she was, I have never seen an angel that's fallen from above. Before I even knew the way that she looked, or before I even knew the story of her past. Just the way that she talked was original on its own, knew nothing about me but the sweetest she spoke. Spoke with a smile and laughed through the night, as we spoke away in a small little chat. We continued to talk and chatter away, things went so well and perfect in ways. Her heart just showing how sweet she can be, she was just so nice was hard to believe.
Slowly start learning of the mysterious girl, from the music she likes to the adventures side. As time passes on the more that I learn, my heart just realizing the commons of our likes. As we continue to blabber and laughter with fun, I realize my cheeks starts aching from smiles. This has never happened in life or online, it was the first time I smile with such happiness inside. Feeling so thankful and joyful inside, I never thought of finding such loveliness on that sight.
I finally start learning a bit from her passed, her mother and grandparents such a girl that they have. They obviously did an outstanding job, they raised her so perfectly the women she's become. She continues to amaze me as time passes on, it's now been hours and still learning on. So much to learn from this stranger upon, please don't stop its all that I ask. I learn of her journey and the risks that she took, something so painful but still she moves on. My heart just amazed of all the strength that she has, most would have gave up for the man that they felt. She don't see it now but will soon enough, she will find true love somewhere in her path.
My heart was slowly beating but in a different way, getting some new feeling and thoughts of its own. Never felt that way as curiosity hits me all, could it be I'm falling for this wonder girl? unsure of what to think but surprised of what I've found, as the more that I learn on the more that my heart falls. I finally see a picture of this mysterious girl, instantly I think could it really be? surprised of what I see, my heart just pounds harder as I continue to look. Un sure of what to think just amazed of what I see. Those lips just unmistakable as they just touch so sweet, making that cute little smile that turns my cheeks so red. Then I see her eyes sparkling with a flow, more beautiful than the ocean and shines brighter than the moon. Next I see her skin, so flawless and just smooth I bet with just one touch she would send my heart to the moon.
The reason I'm amazed and left with just no words, in the past I had a dream holding my love girl. I never thought it would be true, the greatest dream felt so true. My heart was dying to find that girl, and as wisdom has it she has been found. Every feature from my dream explodes in reality how can it be, how can it be? I finally found the girl from my dreams, and just like my dreams unbelievable and gorgeous to me. From the outer skin to her sweet lips, to the blue glow of her eyes and into the soul and from the remarkable soul to the most beautiful heart of all.
I thought true happiness finally hit my way, believing in a way like never done before. Was amazed in every way even more beautiful than in my dreams, I thought I would make reality of those dreams and make every moment so vivid with steam. I thought I would be her protect her savior of every single dream, the one to help her and hold her with every step she took.
I kept pushing and pushing that was my mistake, wanted to save her from the past but took it way too far. I wanted to be her superman, the hero that she trust. Save her from her deep pains and make her heart feel love, but kept bringing in the past I sure fucked it up. I was blinded and pushed too hard I'm sorry for what I've done, was a stupid dumb mistake why could I not open my eyes? I don't regret the love I gained, it's the most beautiful thing I have felt. It was true and just for her, my heart will always be hers. I know I lost for what I've done the girl that I dearly love, all I can say is I'm sorry I hope you find true love.
It's Hard to look, it's hard to picture, her with another man but all I want is for her heart to love find true happiness in her heart. I want her to smile, I want her to shine, find her perfect man, All I want is a future for her that she will forever cherish and love.

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