Maya Angelou

(4 April 1928 - 28 May 2014)

Phenomenal Woman - Poem by Maya Angelou

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
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Topic(s) of this poem: beautiful

Comments about Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

  • Kundan Bhakuni (7/14/2009 6:17:00 AM)


    Well... what can I say? Is it correct to be politiclly correct or is it correct to be just correct.

    Being very honest, this poem is a first person description of the world view over a group. This being the backbone gets an above average rating in terms of conept and creativity as I have read many poems with such backbone.

    Content as in term of description is below average as it doesn't excite me or intice me as a male reading the poem. I find it very difficult to get inside the depth of the poem. In short the poem doesn't really finds a universal reach. I confirmed this with a few fellow friends of mine. However, I could 'assume' that femalegroup might find the content of the poem as very energitic and exciting. However, the usage of words to connect lack a great degree of imagination. I.e it's very basic.

    Title of the poem is a dissapointment as it gives away the vigour of the poem (even though it has a little of it) and if content is compared to the title thought they are in the same genre they fail to complement each other (coffe and tea both being brews can't be mixed with each other) . As soon as I read the title I knew this poem is about a woman talking about her attitude and pride and more disspointing was when actually it was the case.

    Overall I feel this is a very average (politically correct) / or very 'below' average (being 'very' honest) poem that is hard to read with groing excitment till the end.

    Please do not mind (or if you do please then do) my comments as I am being politically (am I?) correct to bring out my feeling after reading this. I actually read this poem for a reason and the reason being I just joined the site and I wanted to read the top poem and to be very very very honest (yes again) I am wholy dissapointed in getting this as my first sample.

    Though being optimistic (since I believe am a 'Phenomenal Man') I will browse through a few more poems, I hope my 'head doesn't bow' and 'I fall down on my knees' and look for another option. However, I am sure I will find many good poems and I will 'shout and jump' with joy finding many exciting poems (actually) .

    Peace and yeah good effort (I mean it)


    Under-rated, unknown and amature poet,

    Kundan Bhakuni (Report) Reply

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  • Or Nath (7/6/2009 1:47:00 AM)

    nice to read.............................. (Report) Reply

  • Sarun V.s (7/4/2009 12:12:00 PM)

    read my poems also.
    1.i love you my love my friend
    4.loneliness (Report) Reply

  • Ahtivah Lawton (7/3/2009 5:40:00 PM)

    This poem will stay a classic..and is phenomenal! (Report) Reply

  • Sarun V.s (7/3/2009 8:13:00 AM)

    i'l never cry for jolie's lips..
    i'l never cry for shakira's hips..
    i'l never cry for heaven..
    i stick to my earth..
    i enjoy myself..
    i feel i am the best...
    and therefor i exist..
    i am maya..PHENOMENAL WOMEN.. (Report) Reply

  • Nicole Mullins (7/1/2009 10:19:00 PM)

    i have the most respect for this woman because she carries so much confidence and self respect. she embodies who i want to be and when i read her poems i feel important and it gives me confidence in myself that never had. i would be honored to meet her and tell her that in person. (Report) Reply

  • Michelle Hill (7/1/2009 11:07:00 AM)

    You have just proven my point. We have become such a negative society that we don't see the beauty in simpleness. This poem reflects and celebrates women. It also celebrates the features of African-American women (and women as a whole) that have not been appreciated by society. This also is reflects the rhythm and phrasing that is African-American poetry and our everyday conversation. So what if it doesn't follow exact form. It doesn't have to be a sonnet to be beautiful. It doesn't have to have deep symbolism to be beautiful. And what is wrong with using poetry to encourage and inspire better self-esteem? Isn't that the point? I am an African-American woman and truly appreciate Dr. Angelou. Each time my friends hear this poem we cheer because of what is says and what it means. I was looking for this poem to use to celebrate a special African-American woman in my life. All I am saying is to take a chance a not look at this poem from a merely academic or psychotherapist point of view. Look at all the phenominal women in your life. See their greatness and what they have brought into your life. I don't think that Dr. Angelou wrote this for herself, she wrote this as a voice for those who don't the means to express. And when you do that, sometimes you have to write it in the way that the voiceless would write it. Which could explain the poem's simplistic form. Thank you Dr. Angelou. Here's to Phenominal Women. (Report) Reply

  • Raymond Dotterer (6/30/2009 10:15:00 PM)

    If Angelou is a story teller here, then she's relating a trite tale. I'm sure hundreds of psychologists have seen similar poems written by those undergoing self esteem therapy.

    And that's what makes this poem such a bad poem. It isn't only the uninspired word choice. It isn't just mediocre phrasing. It's that the poem sounds like it was written by a weak soul that's trying to convince herself that she's something special. She may have convinced herself, but she doesn't convince me. The poem is self-motivational scribble that might have been written by a teenage girl in her diary after a bad break-up. (Report) Reply

  • Michelle Hill (6/30/2009 6:27:00 PM)

    I am shocked and saddened by the negative and ignorant comments in response to this poem, Dr. Maya Angelou's work and toward women. Dr. Angelou's does not have to write like Yeats, Kipling, Dickenson or any either poet. She is one of the greatest poets of our time and a wonderful story teller. Poetry is not just about form. It is about expression and telling a story. This story is about a Phenomenal Women who doesn't need to be egostistical to express her phenomenalness. And why can't a women or any person, for that matter, be confident without being considered egotistical. I really hope that those of you who took the time to write a negative comment can take the time to appreciate Dr. Angelou's work and all the Phenomenal Women this world has to offer. (Report) Reply

  • Raymond Dotterer (6/30/2009 11:04:00 AM)

    Any broad survey of poetry would judge this poem as only just good. There are many superior poems available on this site. If you find yourself praising this poem as excellent, I hope you'll look deeper into the collection of poems here. There are a number of peoms by Yeats, for example, that are excellent. (Report) Reply

  • Hatemnicagh Hawkin (6/30/2009 9:11:00 AM)

    oh god i'm so sexy.
    Go get a life Gina, how can a stupid poem give you confidence? !
    And you Crystle shut up with your ten thumbs up. you can't even spell THUMBS!
    your all losers (Report) Reply

  • Kafil Uddin Raihan (6/22/2009 1:53:00 AM)

    cause I am a woman
    phenomenally.........really excellent poem. (Report) Reply

  • William Rodenberg (6/21/2009 5:21:00 PM)

    Where is the symbolism hidden? Is it under those egocentric statments. (Report) Reply

  • Debra Cowley (6/21/2009 7:41:00 AM)

    I find myself a part of this poem of a time of women who broke all norms to be. With her head up high with the strive hips to shake and sway her heels her strenght to hold her stride men wondered when they looked at me who I could be. My breast firm in my bust of first glance torsel of nobel pride. Yet walking as I did it was my sister, wife, profess women to be of who I am and what would I become that to me is the mystery of my life and for a man to know my heart and what I stand for not just my sex appeal. She is right to say Phenomenal indeed what would this world be without me. Love Her (Report) Reply

  • Mizushi Hikari (6/20/2009 6:27:00 AM)

    Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Inner beauty has many secrets, why it can make other people happy(more than happy in fact) even they just stay with the girls/women that have the inner beauty? -that's one of the secrets. It has a kind of pheromone that stronger than outer beauty(you can say materialistic beauty for example of outer beauty) . That's just my opinion though (Report) Reply

  • Aayushi Maheshwari (6/18/2009 1:31:00 AM)

    it is one of the most beautiful poems I've ever read..! ! ~~~ :) (Report) Reply

  • Crystle Jones (6/17/2009 3:02:00 AM)

    wow. i cant say it any better then all these other people have. very amazing. ~ten thunbs up if i had that many~: D (Report) Reply

  • Gina Kadiv (6/9/2009 10:37:00 PM)

    I've decided to read this poem every morning, as it gives me confidence to go out into the world. (Report) Reply

  • James Cadden (6/9/2009 9:56:00 AM)

    This poem is uplifting and depicts wonderfully that substance and depth of inner beauty is the key to happiness beauty without substance is pleasure for the eyes of a fool a simple poem that celebrates real beauty! (Report) Reply

  • Funmi Anonymous (6/5/2009 8:05:00 AM)

    Whenever I feel down or want to feel good about myself I read this dream is to meet Maya in person if I did then all will be well with the world....wonderful poem.. (Report) Reply

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