Alexander Coppedge

Rookie - 81 Points (June 25,1954 / Warrenton, North Carolina)

Simon - Poem by Alexander Coppedge

Simon each day in the market him telling all kinds of stories, him conveying acts to crowd which soon gather to listen, him defining adventurous journeys he had.

Speaking loud out endeavors endured by him luring to held listeners, him relating shocking notes to their restless wanting to hear ears, his thoughts capturing even kids responses in laughs.

Simon defines in his tales times of strange occurrences, thrilling conflicts he had end badly between parties, some of them close death misses by him occurring in pit night fall.

Facts told one wonder in thoughts if they were really real, so far bizarre they from the average his conveyances, them outside expected known living common norm, statements with frightening scary ideals with awes.

Simon story in their statements defines events in vivid details, as if surviving endeavors himself through conquests of struggles, him among those harsh events being actually there.

Fighting blow to blow strikes in clashes with bleeding encounters up close against and by him, surviving him acts of horrifying violence as terrors unfolds, him coming out without him a scratch.

Simon portray in these accounts humorous thoughts of comedy, at times pain shearing agony he had faced in combative conflicts: Simon a storyteller with his words weaving his mystic.

Magician he is unveiling his tricks within descriptive words, feats of amazement he does with them capturing attentions, Simon tales are realistic touching inside you they will lock your interests.

Simon's terrors on ships to make one hold ones face, his courageous dramatic challenges him in big storms raging, some of Simon's tales comforting and tender romance between lovers.

Stories of couples wrapped together in gazing twists held within each others arms breathing heavy, he speaks out in some stories against law and its injustice, Simon in his stories as a strong advocate against wrongs.

Lone rider he seems to appear in his stories him seen from the distance, him always outside of the governing Order, Simon in his accounts never had a badge or a gun.

Virtual giant Simon he is among his fellow brethren, him hidden there among them in the crowd doubted by them, fought he have bad plagues of former times, he cured many infesting diseases and survived.

Conflicts of events detailed in activities spoken by Simon do thrill the mind, bizarre his acclaims are some passing by him don't believe them, Simon's views yielding no restricted occurrences.

Events he tells to listeners with things they are to consider and for them to perceive, Simon relates the very strangely odd prevailing a situation, his concepts scary thoughts to the not knowing.

Dramatic challenges even true adventurers reacts, endured him alone him a survivor to tell us even more outside common norm situations, they Simon during talks set forth as traps.
Simon's thoughts sweetly told in vivid details endearing you to come closer, enchanting to ones senses with audience sighs about shearing agony and frightening sights: Which to me are Life?

Pain he speaks in his tales thrilling, locking passers by interests, him making them to reply with emotions, some of them to hold tight gripping their heads in responses.

I like his true stories told of him in high seas adventuring, or maybe in my thinking perhaps I should asks myself: do I like his personal lies?

Simon shocking stories concepts streaming tears, jerking them out from ones eyes, Simon now you see it and its appearance wow of the writer.

All thing in their truth of realizing of things Simon's said, told acclaims by Simon pertained in facts in its actualities of according, all on the acceptance to what Simon says.

Topic(s) of this poem: human nature

Form: Prose Poem

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The old children game

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