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(6 - 13 -1966 / Hollywood)

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Sodom And Gomara Two

Sodom And Gomara Two
The dark world that we live in
Surely there’s a righteous man,
Surely there’s a few.
This wold is like world war two
Like Sodom and Gomara all over again
You see men with men and woman dancing
In sin with with them,
The lies of lust and no trust so much darkness
That blind most,
Jehovah surely some would keep their Faith,
And trust alone in You.
Please find away for them to see that what
They are doing is the wrong way to go,
Sodom and Gamara two is at the door of you,
Lie prosperous on the plain,
So surely there are ten or more,
That are not walking in sin!
That are still call on your name Jehovah!
Preserve them Jehovah, preserve them,
One by one, let them see what they have done.
Before it is too late,
I know there must be eight or more,
Who trust your Holy name.
What about the little children, what about
The little boy's and the little girls that play
With toy's, Then a tear appeared down my
Face with so much disgrace of this world of men
Deliver them Jehovah one by one,
Help them see what they have done.
From judgment’s righteous call.
If there be only six or more,
Would you deliver all?
Angels of Two have knocked on doors and no
One hard the words.
I cry and I pray there must be away for man to
See the light and hear the words of what is right!
I feel Your anger kindled Jehovah,
And evil cannot win.
And your laws shell never bend in sin,
If I can find you four or more,
Will You forget this sin?
And let love lead the way for them!
So be it Jehovah had said, So be it,
Justice demands your wrath.
And see the path that the sickness of there sin
They made in the night and even in the day,
Your never change or compromise,
They freely chose their path.
Men with men and woman with woman
And the children burn to the darkness of there
Ways killing and lying to lose ways,
Killing for drug and sex with lust and no trust!
The hearts of man is cold as ice,
The path is dark and you can see it in their eyes,
Surely there’s a righteous man,
Jehovah maybe there are two.
Is there only one who keeps his faith,
Alone I trust in You.

Lilly Emery.

Submitted: Saturday, August 24, 2013
Edited: Monday, August 26, 2013

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