Valsa George

The Ambivalence Of Life - Poem by Valsa George

With the night quickly passing by
My soul breaks into blooms of joy
When the sun begins his solemn race
In my ears fall the birds’ hymns of praise

As the wind passes tousling my hair
With soft whisperings in my ear
I catch the strains of a Heavenly band
And feel the presence of a loving friend

Glancing on the gorgeous buds of May
Swaying in breeze that make me gay
I lose myself in the glory of creation
And fold my hands in deep veneration

When I hear the cuckoo pouring in shower
Her songs from far flung forest glade or bower
A delightful rhythm fills my space
And its fleeting cadence brightens up my face

But suddenly I sense a creeping pain
As I see a cripple staggering in strain
At a distance, I see a weeping child
Abandoned by its mother behind a thicket wild

Around me I see the homeless and the frail
Wandering aimless, tossed by life’s violent gale
Thus I see life with grim challenges of trials and strife
Where misfortune, distress and betrayal are very rife

At times I feel my heart missing a beat
And fear the sweep of sand under my feet
This Earth often turns a blistering desert
But sure with shady oases, strewn apart

This is the irrefutable truth, for sure
That life can at once be sweet and sour!

Comments about The Ambivalence Of Life by Valsa George

  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (4/29/2015 7:55:00 AM)

    This is the irrefutable truth, for sure
    That life can at once be sweet and sour!
    Thoughtful and beautiful as well. (Report) Reply

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  • Dee Corpolongo Dee Corpolongo (6/4/2013 7:23:00 AM)

    Oh, I am so happy you mentioned this poem as an interesting and similar one to mine, as it is very moving and deeply felt of exactly what you had said~ that Life gives us both sides, the joys and the sorrows, the good with the bad~ and you said it in such a beautiful way, yet also the pain felt at times too. Loved this poem! and thank you! (Report) Reply

  • Nader Baheri Nader Baheri (5/21/2013 11:58:00 AM)

    fabulous dear valsa.
    life is not always what we expect it would be.the ending of this poem is what s going on in the reality.i fold my hand for the veneration as i read the other part of the world's revelation.
    ~nb (Report) Reply

  • Bri Edwards Bri Edwards (5/18/2013 12:08:00 AM)

    valsa, i like it, with reservations. i shall send a message to you. thanks for sharing and i hope you always remain one of the more fortunate inhabitants of this earth.
    the glory of creation is somewhat spoiled for me by the existence of suffering in some people's lives as you have mentioned above. bri (Report) Reply

  • Yasmeen Khan Yasmeen Khan (5/16/2013 11:24:00 AM)

    It's a lovely piece of writing woven into deep philosophy of life. You travel from fancy to reality-stark reality but don't lose hope and see oasis in the doubt life thorns but flowers too. I love it. (Report) Reply

  • Diane Hine Diane Hine (5/16/2013 7:17:00 AM)

    We can so easily swing back and forth between optimism and pessimism. We're probably wisest when we stand exactly between the two. Beautiful poem. (Report) Reply

  • Search 2 (5/15/2013 7:22:00 PM)

    Sounding like William Wordsworth and nothing less! The beauty of the lines here is unique and what the lines speak can reverberate in the mind for long. One of your best pieces for sure. (Report) Reply

  • David Wood David Wood (5/15/2013 6:25:00 AM)

    Life can be sweet or sour and we must help people less fortunate than ourselves. A good poem Valsa. (Report) Reply

  • R.j. Wynn (5/14/2013 2:41:00 PM)

    I like it too, your talent precedes you, the message is one of respect with love for others, I commend you. (Report) Reply

  • Chandra Thiagarajan (5/14/2013 11:32:00 AM)

    A beautiful poem of wonderful content, rhyme and rhythm captures the heart! Yes. Life can at once be sweet and sour- no denying the fact! As usual the stamp of Valsa is absorbing! (Report) Reply

  • Kee Thampi (5/13/2013 9:21:00 AM)

    As the wind passes tousling my hair
    With soft whisperings in my ear
    I catch the strains of a Heavenly band
    And feel the presence of a loving friend
    a poem and may mortify not a love of life

    poet wish to write here
    Glancing on the gorgeous buds of May
    wish to append love to the nature....... (Report) Reply

  • Shahzia Batool Shahzia Batool (5/13/2013 9:10:00 AM)

    A Couplet-bound deep philosophical thought strain running, developing the spirit of submission and resignation for the acceptability of life as it is, as there's no denying the fact that life can be either good or bad, but we have to move on! ! ! (Report) Reply

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