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The Crucifer And The Bishop...

The Crucifer turned to the 12th Station,
and realizing the great honour it was be to
be the one chosen to carry the symbol of
the Crucifixion and stand afront the Station
of The Cross that reflected the crucified Christ
weak, bludgeoned, and on the cusp of death,
the Crucifer, a young man no more than fifteen
suddenly took to a state of aural paralysis
and froze motionless at the foot of the Station.
So, when the Bishop tapped his brass Staff,
a signal for the Crucifer to move on to the
next Station...the young man did not respond.
A second, far louder tap followed, and could be
heard throughout the Cathedral, the Bishop
looking over a sea of tall candles and deacons
ten long and two abreast so as to see what was
holding up his pathed ceremony.

Yet, the Crucifer stood still, statuesque,
ossified like the tombs of St. Peters catacombs.
Now wearing an obvious sense of displeasure,
ornately displayed thru' winced eyes and crinkled
brow, the Bishop proceded to walk briskly toward
the front of the procession, passing the deacons
holding the candles, until he finally arrived at
the head of the holy calvacade, where-upon he
quietly yet firmly confronted the Crucifer.
'Young man, why are you ignoring my requests'?
The Crucifer replied...'I am truly sorry 'Your
Eminence', as I mean you no direspect
but although you hold a most sacredly important
position in the Church....unfortunately, I've been
summoned to respond to anothers request that you
once told me takes precedence over yours....Your

The Bishop, now flustered and in complete frustration
chided back, 'And whom might this be, pray-tell '?
The Crucifer looked sternly into the eyes of the Bishop
and said, 'My God...if you don't know the answer to that,
then perhaps you should take this Cross and stay here,
while I take your Staff and lead this procession before
that Man hanging on the Cross at the 12th Station
is credited with making His first ever mistake!

Suffice to say both the Bishop and the Crucifer did
not break bread and drink wine together that day.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Frank J. Ryan, Jr.
Copyright © 2013
All rights reserved
- - - - - - - - - - -

Submitted: Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Edited: Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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