O Time- sweet time! Thy gifts eternal and blissful;
Passing silently sprinkling stream of joys and sorrows unmindful,
Enormous are gifts souls blessed with of time bountiful,
Time's hand filled with wondrous magic skills,
Brings about a lot of transformations,
In many a thing, living and non-living, beyond imagination.

Mysterious is thy birth, souls muse upon where and when,
And then in stillness of night appears God and whispers-Time is born,
And when time thinks of you-You are born
Then thy gift so rare and so divine,
That Gods in Heavens aspire to be gifted even
That rare human birth by thee in earth divine.

And time wasting no time brings in, in quick succession,
Your childhood, your youth, your old age and life's occasion.
Precious are thy gifts I cherish, love, and cling to my heart, O Time divine,
And thy gift 'Sai' of shirdi to the world so precious like a jewelled mine,
That in life to part with, souls wish never for a moment even.

For I know I shall be stripped of those loved gifts soon by thy exquisite design,
And unto the grave I shall be dragged soon to abide by thy eternal rules
For I know none of thy precious gifts shall with us ever remain,
And that under thy rule have risen and perished many an empire,
nation and civilization,
Me likewise in the stream of time shall rise and fall without exception.

But my love for Him shall rise and rise and never to wane
Yet I plead O Time spare thy exclusive gift me blessed with,
The love, big love, sun of love- eternal and blissful,
For 'Sai' my God, my lord, my supreme, my Allah and my Christ,
My Ishwar, my Krishna, my Rama, my Buddha, my Kabir and my Sadguru,
In the stream of time from perishing and fading into oblivion.

Let my love for Him grow with thy care utmost,
And when I leave for Heaven and Him there I meet,
Manifold my love for Him would have grown,
And towards immortality it would have gone.
O Time-sweet time! Thy gifts eternal and so blissful.....

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A spiritual poem it is....and how I have been blessed with Shirdi Sai
Baba's love considered to be a time's gift.......

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 12, 2014

Poem Edited: Monday, January 13, 2014

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