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yes you've had enough!
but it's isn't the edge!
have you, ever find the edge of an egg?
you're not a lone,
you have covered miles & miles kicking the same-stone
from yourself,
you have to just listen-up, what you haven't heard!
nightmares are gone,
'dreams to arrive now! keep it up! ', he screams in you!

yes sin exists! so better you can murder yourself,
but your skin that has went too tough! , still bleeds
no one can judge you from your inner, you know!
see more from your eyes than you think,
what you want to forget!

this boulevard goes straight
& you have still not, nailed your limits
till you are alive!
you'll never have your enough!
why you call your self lost?
don't you want to hearken,
who will be the winner?
but don't you want to know,
what to be that ghost is?

don't! hide now!
you've got to paint your spirit! on the sky
turn the ashes into fire!
reverse the lexicon of this world
don't hear them,
just do for yourself too for them,
they will hear you then
& then just lose yourself among them!

tell me!
what's your name?
open your shut-eyes up & rinse your face
no one will laugh in you!
so, let your boots be tattered, why to feel SHAME, now?
no! not to weep!
dimensions even though have abysmally-shattered
you've to tighten your laces!
leave that same-somber hut,
draw everything deep &
than to wander just twist the rut

when under-depressed, in this pandemonium only
we become an addict of pain or stress!
all of us find a track to escape! distract ourselves
& go somewhere, forgetting what they are talking to themselves
where you go?
lost? again?
but i see the red-locket of the lord,
behind the bone-windows -locates! you! & you locate yourself!

chase the pursuits,
not to just gape at yourself in a mirror,
ending to love yourself, begin to love to hate yourself
or your own shadows and reflections!
& tape your voices in you!
count how much your tear costs within you!

time is ageless not wasted in this space!
let me tell you, i've found it's shiny-peak
let me tell you yes! , there's an address!
no need of figure it out!
that you're tired of trying -to find it's way
is it, just within you?
yes, with in you it is!

feel inspired? like you i'm, not unlike you!
yes a time was! when i was like you!
i'm not spilling some different language
keep it up! i can hear you but i know,
the more you can hear yourself!
you're your only lamp!
you know already that life is ups & downs,
right below your feet there is no swamp!
you're not drowning, you are just grounded
don't dig-up your own grey-grave!
everyone will die someday!
get-up! take a step
you are not too afar to win this race!
make your funeral, a memory!
reading me still?
get up & begin the chase.

Submitted: Monday, October 07, 2013
Edited: Monday, October 07, 2013

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