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Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Share A1 Friendship Story (Part-1) - Poem by Harindhar Reddy

I thought our relationship is human and all
But it is not, a bit more.......
I thought our relationship is family and tall
But it is not, a bit more.........
It is bigger than TITANIC SHIP but not bizarre so I adore!
But at penultimate hour, I came to know it is friendship;
Ship! Ship! No cup! But it’s only friendship.
Larry and Harry! Gary and Mary! share A1 friendship story.

Out of week days, Sunday is special!
Out of holidays, festive day is special!
Out of all days, birthday is special!
Out of all words, wisdom is special!
Out of national days, Independence Day is special!
Above all these, a friend is always special........
Happy “Friendship Day” to all friends special!
Larry and Harry! Gary and Mary! share A1 friendship story.

True friendship starts with a smile,
Grows in chuckles, grins and laughs and a file;
It is innocent bud for a while........
Don't forget, it blooms like a rose flower
And it flows like Nile with sublime power;
It sticks two HEARTS without a glue stick!
Click! Click! Our companionship is a huge click!
Larry and Harry! Gary and Mary! share A1 friendship story.

It is as deep as Bokhara Dell and Pacific Ocean but pure,
It is above all ladders, Eiffel Tower and sky, for sure
It reaches zenith of highest glory but not a test;
It is cherished as long as earth exists without rust,
It peeks right through every soul with lambent glow of trust,
Yet it’s the billet to take rest and make the best;
List! List! Friendship is a must and a nest!
Larry and Harry! Gary and Mary! share A1 friendship story.

Our steady relationship is as meek as a lamb but no show,
Ours is no Nuclear Deal yet as delightful as rainbow;
Our bond is no JAMES BOND Bond!
But it is greater than any chemical bond;
People say Vivekananda and Gandhi are great!
People say Krishna, Godavari and Ganga are great;
My friend you have surpassed all of them and a treat!
Larry and Harry! Gary and Mary! share A1 friendship story.

It is as swift as an arrow and a hare.
It is as fast as the moving clouds and is rare;
It is sweet AROMA of nebulous notions, as we enter;
It is as thick as fog in Delhi and in winter.
Our relationship is as great as ever and a glitter;
It spreads horizontally and extensively – Hey! Sire
Friendship is even in the air so never retire!
Larry and Harry! Gary and Mary! share A1 friendship story.

Hey! Musketeer, you’re heaven sent for me to pick,
Hello! Sidekick, you are my cherry pick!
Ho! You may forget anything and ego!
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Larry and Harry! Gary and Mary! SHARE A1 FRIENDSHIP STORY (Part-2)

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