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  • 253.
    Serving a gratitude of time in Prism

    Send a prism to vanquish harrowing dreams read more »

  • 254.
    Light Strikes

    Light strikes, by chance, one must confess,
    A damsel, and some hidden hand
    Unveils a latent loveliness
    Revealed: emotions understand. read more »

  • 255.
    Science And Beyond

    O science, everywhere you shine;
    In Earth, Moon, and Mars,
    Your presence felt with marks,
    Born and brought up in earth, read more »

  • 256.
    '' My Attempts At Poetry Are Dead ''

    I entered a poetry competition,
    If I won I’d give a rendition,
    Of what would be my great submission?
    I had it all in my head. read more »

  • 257.
    My Familiar Dream - Translations Paul VERLAINE – Mon Rêve Familier

    I often have some strange and striking dreams
    about an unknown girl, of love we share,
    each time the same, each time a different air
    about her swirls, who understands it seems. read more »

  • 258.
    Practice What you Preach

    : Practice what you Preach in Life. Acrostic Poem

    Practice what you preach in life, pay not just lip-service to the cause.
    Respect the other persons point of view and never shout them down. read more »

  • 259.
    The Poetry Club

    He enters looking bedraggled, tired and worn out, his skin like vellum, blank and pale.
    Lifting his eyes to catch their gaze he gives a slight nod to acknowledge their presence.
    He scans the room as he would a poem seeking an indent that leads to a quiet corner.
    A half-lit light casts a shadow on the flock wallpaper, ink stained. read more »

  • 260.
    Vision Clears Seer's Promise - Change! Expand Beginnings! Beginnings Expand Change

    Vision clears, sincere soul's made aware
    As new age dawns and instincts stimulate
    Longings that at last hopes liberate.
    Underpins win focus, everywhere read more »

  • 261.
    ~ A Prisoner Of Your Love ~ [Double Acrostic]

    A prisoner of your love. I stand behind four walls of gray.
    - Alone; your memory my only company, each solitary day.
    Locked down; twenty four hours around the clock, without you near.
    - Living dreams of the past it seems, are all that I hold dear. read more »

  • 262.

    Marvellous astute review gratifyingly arranges revealing expressive thoughts. Adventurous rationale guarantees artful, responsible enterprise. Trusting manifold revisions garnering assurance, rephrasing erudite terminology most agreeably, gates are released enabling thoughtful mature accurate regard affording ripe enchantment totally miraculous, auguring regal gladness. Regained energy triggers massive applause rewarding genius effortlessly executing tuneful mission. Ample respect gained, antics require technical mastery always repeating gleeful acrostic routine enthusiastically.

    Metamorphosis as response grants awaited release, essentially turning around regrets. Gaining ability, rhyme engenders tuneful melodious rhythm. Gifts always reinforce exchange, trap mechanical arguments, guarded assertions, replacing excess tension. Mercifully abolishing restraints, articulation reaches empowerment through merging authentic responses. Good reflections enhance trust, mutual acceptance, recognition, growing affection. Ethics triumph, must always refuse Gordian alternatives, realizing too many accept roughness, gratuitous anger results. read more »

  • 263.
    Charmed Encounter of a Very Special Kind


    Charmed initials Mon Coeur signals, touching tendrils in the mind
    Open onto a stupendous spacious hall, read more »

  • 264.
    Zen Poetry at Its Best

    Note: One of the web sites I contributed to in the past was One day I saw a poem by a contributor called Leland Janson. This was his poem:

    Yes, just a plain period - or, full stop, as they say in the Olde Countrye. This provoked the following poem from me: read more »

New Acrostic Poems

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  18. '' My Attempts At Poetry Are Dead '', bri mar
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  44. Make Accessible Rhymes Into Natural Asse.., Jonathan ROBIN
  45. Two Thousand And Twelve (2012), Abie Arun
  46. Infatuation, Hazel Connelly
  47. Alankar(Decor) -107, Indira Renganathan
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  59. Alankar(Decor) -61, Indira Renganathan
  60. Alankar(Decor) -58, Indira Renganathan
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  71. Pride, Reason A. Poteet
  72. To Be Appreciated, Edward Kofi Louis
  73. Poetic Intent (Acrostic), Marvin Brato Sr
  74. Poetic Intent, Marvin Brato Sr
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