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  • 253.
    Light Strikes

    Light strikes, by chance, one must confess,
    A damsel, and some hidden hand
    Unveils a latent loveliness
    Revealed: emotions understand.
    Enlightenment all floods, and grows,
    Now matches merits in all eyes,
    Crimson blushing turns the rose,
    Envying lost Paradise.

    And she who's key to happiness,
    Life's flower, fairest in the land,
    Is strong beside her and we guess
    Can grow as straight, joy by joy fanned
    Encircles both, needs no disguise.

    Lord! When she smiles he's rich, won't ask
    A golden ring engraven while
    Unable to prove to the task
    Responsive, equal to the trial.
    Eyes sapphire lit he catches to
    Name some labour, share some sense,
    Creating with her something new
    Extending mutual confidence.

    And by her side, still hand in hand,
    Lost in inner reverie,
    Is true reflection who Time's sand
    Can't halt because Eternity
    Exists for all her smile have scanned.

    Lost! For, for her, he cannot sleep,
    As soft voice haunts throughout the night,
    Unman's his heart, his senses sweep,
    Real charm to worship with delight.
    Entranced, both day and night he longs,
    New humble where he most aspires,
    Creating these acrostic songs,
    Expectant dreams on deep desires.

    A smile beside her complements
    Life's picture, growing fine and fair,
    In joyful playfulness, no care
    Can alter Nature's gifts and scents,
    Enchanting all the elements.

    Life until now has timed away
    Avoiding naught, yet finding peace
    Unduly difficult, yet may
    Respond discovering release
    Exchanging glances as souls meet
    Never to separate again,
    Chance encounter? Time may greet
    Experience which will not wane.

    And by her side evolving elf
    Listens, learns, and longs to be
    Identified as in herself
    Complete, responsive, harmony
    Expressing authenticity. read more »

  • 254.
    Science And Beyond

    O science, everywhere you shine;
    In Earth, Moon, and Mars,
    Your presence felt with marks,
    Born and brought up in earth, read more »

  • 255.
    '' My Attempts At Poetry Are Dead ''

    I entered a poetry competition,
    If I won I’d give a rendition,
    Of what would be my great submission?
    I had it all in my head. read more »

  • 256.
    '' My Efforts To Write Poetry Are Dead ''

    I entered a poetry competition,
    If I won I’d give a rendition,
    Of what would be my great submission?
    I had it all in my head. read more »

  • 257.
    Thread Tomorrow's Ties Acrostic

    Mutation through maturity implies
    Adolescent crisis dissipated,
    Requiring focus to stay motivated – read more »

  • 258.
    As Life is Mirage - Acrostic Sonnet

    As dusk to dawn succeeds, so death to birth,
    Swift arcs the arrow, with the ark of man,
    Lost on Time’s sea, while his allotted span
    Is soon forgotten, dry-docked, - narrow berth. read more »

  • 259.
    Revolving Debit - Cul-de-Sac Acrostic Sonnet

    Restrictions flourish, few attain true aim.
    Energies mischannelled, modern man
    Victim of his greed no longer can
    Options clear identify. Most blame read more »

  • 260.
    What Chances Lost - Acrostic Sonnets

    What chances lost! Mankind must analyse
    His Future when his Present’s lost for words, read more »

  • 261.
    Malthusian - Acrostic

    Man man must conquer, trust that Time
    At last last laugh will have, fast see read more »

  • 262.
    A Cross T[r]ick - Acrostic

    Departing with last train past week expires
    On Friday night, commuters find release
    Using well trained minds unused to peace
    By pie[r]cing crossword clues, games each admires. read more »

  • 263.
    Online Audience - Acrostic Sonnet

    Over and beyond statistics, man
    No pattern plays it seems that can't be traced,
    Linked and cross-referenced with ugly haste.
    Internet: shared platform where one can read more »

  • 264.
    Ceneri Scenery - Acrostic Sonnet

    Some sights may best be seen with eyes
    Tight shut, as if the Truth would bar read more »

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