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  • 301.
    As Time Slips By - Acrostic Sonnet

    As time sleeps by love’s tide [s]weeps sluggard, cold,
    Slow beats heart's flow, forgets dreams' heats once sought.
    Then, fragile, faith wraith cobwebs spins, sins caught
    In Time’s equation web. Where once soul bold
    Made music wild, filed, passion dims, short-sold.
    Existence pales, stales, fails, - loves tales abort -
    Sheds goals, gaols aims at joys ‘chance’ might have brought -
    Little cares how life’s tale may unfold.
    Inspiration wanes, fears stranglehold,
    Plaintive soul retreats to shell, distraught,
    Second hand experiences, thought,
    Buy time, dismiss love from life's centrefold.
    Yawning the abyss which, biding time,
    shall swallow every line and every rhyme.

    © Jonathan Robin – Acrostic Sonnet written 16 September 2001 revised 7 August 2007

    Passed By

    As time drifts by Love’s tide flows coward, cold,
    Slow beats sad heart, lost far from dreams once sought.
    Too little lust, - blades rust, in cobwebs caught -
    In time fires dim which once, in times of old,
    Moved untamed ecstasy, flame bold.
    Existence paled until encounter brought
    Potency restored, fresh friendship taught
    A focus fresh, let energies unfold.
    Some dreams remain, most vain, in stranglehold
    Spirit stifled, struggle not as thought
    Experience leaves feelings dulled, distraught,
    Dismisses soul from life's bright centrefold.
    But chance encounter sets in timeless motion
    Yen to advance, to share inspired emotion...

    © Jonathan Robin – Acrostic Sonnet written 16 April 2005 as a variation of As Time Slips By – see above read more »

  • 302.
    Separation Soon

    Stage stage succeeds to sunder what
    Evolved together for brief while.
    Page follows page till plain forgot
    Are smiles that once breathed sunny smile. read more »

  • 303.

    Decently made and decently formed,
    Embodiment of chastity and innocence,
    Supports them who walk a faltering gait,
    Pours out she pure sentiments of heart, read more »

  • 304.
    Sometimes - Sandrine Vaillant Sonnet Cycle

    Sometimes surprising sweetness sweeps souls shy,
    Amity allows as all appear
    Now naturally neonats, nor near
    Drear Death’s demesne deigns dawdle, dares defy read more »

  • 305.
    Zeitgeist (An Acrostic)

    Zeitgeist is a word I'd never
    Even heard of until
    I was asked by a friend
    To write an acrostic on it. It is of read more »

  • 306.
    Alphabet Artistry

    Able acrostic artist’s alignment adds air.
    Alliteration asks acknowledgement aware,
    Bard’s brain bequeaths benchmark billet, blends braid bans blare, read more »

  • 307.
    For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

    What a title, not used yet?
    That's hard to forget
    For those who know
    ? acrostics/acronyms...? read more »

  • 308.
    Polyacrostic Palimpsest - Birthday Sonnet - Entered is Diary

    Toast verse! Oh birthday sonnet that strings true
    E'er stanza knit free style, link in tress kind.
    None letters scan, no need since star none find,
    Deeds reader here disdains, nor head dreams cue. read more »

  • 309.
    Intent (Acrostic)

    Acrostic poems are great compositions
    poetry which challenges the creative mind
    is quite expressive and inspirational
    amazing work of vivid imagination read more »

  • 310.
    Poetic Intent

    Acrostic poems are great compositions
    poetry which challenges the creative mind
    is quite expressive and inspirational
    amazing work of imagination read more »

  • 311.
    Poetic Intent (Acrostic)

    Acrostic poems are great compositions
    poetry which challenges the creative mind
    is quite expressive and inspirational
    amazing work of imagination read more »

  • 312.
    A Bare Message

    (An Acrostic Tribute To Mehdi Hassan)

    Mellowness of your melodies will remain
    Ever, forever in the world with us all behind, read more »

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