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Unhypnagogic State - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Here today, tomorrow gone, one, wan,
Yearns for yesterday's illusions bright,
Pain shards slatting shuttered pane, blind blight,
Nightmare shatters song that seemed so strong.
Anticipations fed, le[a]d, b[l]ed, sped, gone.
Ghoulish shades shed light that once read right,
Overdrawn check, wreck, suspect, indict,
Grief's reef sinks hurt heart's glow now woebegone,
Intense pain's reign won't wane, tears stain mind numb.
Calm hovers ill at ease, invites insight's
Sullen reaction stormy, tension tight,
Then 'cease upon the midnight' must succumb.
Abyssmal Lethe spawns soul's black hole schemes,
TEmpest tossed, sleep shoaled, unholy dreams.

Hell harmony dissolves, hope melts, felt wrong,
Youth yields stage, page, to age's cage despite
Past pleasure. Mirage mirror's sable night,
Negates lost hopes, frosts urge surge to belong.
Ahead read as dead end where shadows throng
Gulf gift signed disappointment, unplumbed plight
Of mourning for mirth's dearth guessed granted quite.
Ghosts guest gest shared, snared unprepared. Doom's gong
Icy echoes, Eden's exile among
Crumbling crust, rust's dust. Disgust's gust fright
Shivers sends, wrends hope for scope through flight.
Time dreads what fate has read[y], feels pain's prong
Accumulating heartache as fear teems.
TEars cascade, afraid, frayed nerves, soul screams.

Here today, tomorrow gone, one, wan,
Yearns for yesterday's illusions bright,
Pain replacing shattered pane tonight,
Nightmare erasing song that strung along
Anticipations tender, warmth which shone.
Glance chance inspired, joy fired, that once felt right,
Overdrawn, in disbelief, dark blight,
Grief's reef shoal founders soul so woebegone,
In pain whose reign won't wane, tears stain mind numb.
Calm hovers ill at ease, invites insight's
Sudden reaction stormy, tension tight.
To cease upon the midnight, to succumb
At last to tempting Lethe welcome seems
TEmpest tossed sleep lost by broken dreams

Acrostic Sonnet Hypnagogic State Hypnagogic - sleep inducing
Words in brackets convey two or more meanings meanings
First word of each line reads top down:
Here yearns pain. Nightmare anticipations ghoulish. Overdrawn grief's intense. Calm sullen, then abyssmal tempest.
First word of each line reads bottom up:
Tempest abyssmal then sullen calm - intense grief's overdrawn ghoulish anticipations - pain yearns here
Second sonnet First word of each line reads top down
Hell, youth past negates. Ahead gulf of ghosts, icy, crumbling, shivers time, accumulating tears.
First word of each line reads bottom up:
Tears accumulating, time shivers crumbling icy ghosts of gulf ahead, negates past youth. Hell.

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