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  • 421.
    The Dancer (Mine Muse Mime)

    she is circumambulating
    circumscribe spiral scribing
    she is drawing me, drawing me in
    calling, drawing it out from me

    this poor lusting linguist with
    limber arches alabaster
    pleading pouting panting
    teasing pleasing pirouettes

    She is arousing me; unveiling inviting
    awaiting my reaction
    from dancer's distance
    rite reciprocating

    She is possessing, unveiling inviting
    acrostic acrobatic adolescent arabesques
    ...awaiting my reaction
    for her want of waiting

    floor fashion marble
    tiles tripping tessellate
    gliding charming guiding
    fantastic goads geometric

    Templar template tessellate tesseracts
    She, she, she...

    She is swallowing me
    sybaritic staccato swaying
    mantric tantric magnetic
    ...mmm... mandalaic
    She, she, she...

    magnetic majestic marvelous
    magnificent as magic
    She is leading for revealing

    concealing captive

    Oh, that I might spill more
    spill more, spill more the so
    in writing....

    fluid frame flush flowing
    squaring circle
    she mine living miracle

    She is singing lullabies
    blissfully whispering
    forefinger mouth mute silence
    calm collect for quelling

    She is singing lullabies

    mind's eye ears hear
    her for the wonder welling
    wonder thunder tapping

    attentive 'tension 'ffections
    natural grace distract demanding
    'pulsive symphony pleasing
    'sistent call cacophonous
    chorous commanding

    She is leading me
    I bob and weave to her pleas pleading
    leading panting pulsing
    lock lick for the lunging

    lusting linguist leading...
    flushing and blushing
    breathless she is leaving me
    gushing grasp gasp gaping

    I am on the ropes
    punch drunk pugilist poet

    pulse I of profuse panting
    fumble for the following...
    fantastic ripe rife rhythmic strife
    breath-bound for flounder flushing

    I inhale bruise for blushing
    lick sweat smear her hear
    dear I cry, I her hear her I cry!

    Oh! how she is so rewarding of me
    teasing tripping sophistry
    veiled voluptuous sumptuous beauty

    she is drawing, dawning
    ...drawing me
    and she is calling it,
    drawing such out from me
    sublime symbiosis sweetly
    with symbiotic reciprocity

    She dances jazz, she dances ballet
    butterfly ballerina beguiling
    with gestures sacred geometry
    Cabbalistic plastercine
    latticine sublimity cunning

    She is defying!
    she is dumbfounding! ! !
    delectable delicious delicacies

    mine mime
    sweet muse sublime!
    dissolute 'lusions most intimate divine
    lover space between, between mine this
    bouncing breath slick smudge of swallowing

    playing out our pantomime
    she, I pen pierce paper for
    crafting concentric unwrapping
    the poet within the packaging
    the poet without the packaging

    She is unwrapping tappings
    drawing our dance unveiling

    randy resh 2007 read more »

  • 422.
    Ninja Shuriken

    Now the time
    is come. For us
    ninja to fight.
    Just because the Samurai read more »

  • 423.
    The Poetry Club

    He enters looking bedraggled, tired and worn out, his skin like vellum, blank and pale.
    Lifting his eyes to catch their gaze he gives a slight nod to acknowledge their presence.
    He scans the room as he would a poem seeking an indent that leads to a quiet corner.
    A half-lit light casts a shadow on the flock wallpaper, ink stained. read more »

  • 424.

    Jubilation greets me at every turn as
    I meet a kindred spirit, ephemeral
    Like a zephyr ringing a lake with smiles,
    Like a comet tail glowing in black velvet space read more »

  • 425.
    Fishes/ Acrostic

    F reely swimming in the sea
    I n between everybody
    S plishing, Splashing
    H appily laughing read more »

  • 426.
    Backyard tree (acrostic)

    But then there are secrets
    At least one with each of us
    Cries that inside incarceration
    Kindred by its bearer read more »

  • 427.
    I Am I (acrostic)

    I - am too meagre to bear a flag.

    A - lthough I’ve whispered dreams to others,
    M - ust I endure their selfless fruition? read more »

  • 428.
    Moon Shade (acrostic)

    My eyes beheld a shadow of light.
    One mid spring mysterious night,
    Only the moon could shine so bright.
    Nearer to the wooded crest in my sight, read more »

  • 429.
    Coco days – Part 2 – A Chocolate Bunny Scurries Yonder - Acrostic

    At seventy upon seventy times

    Challenges that shake ones core
    Honesty in the face of decision read more »

  • 430.
    Kristy (an acrostic)


    she is… read more »

  • 431.
    Landon (an acrostic)


    He is… read more »

  • 432.
    Acrostic about bananas(in my name)

    And zack
    Eat read more »

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