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Amazing Doris - Poem by Francis Duggan

Doris has the most amazing memory although she's over eighty frail and gray
And she tells such marvellous stories of South Africa her Homeland thousands of sea miles away
She well may spend her last days in Australia and far from her Home -land she well may die
But her soul will return to that distant Country far distant even as the crow might fly.

Amazing Doris is an apt name for her as she's really had the most amazing life
Her husband left her for a younger woman though to him she was a loyal and loving wife
She cared for one of her son's wheel chair bound from the measles and he passed on some twenty years ago
And she then came to live with her son and his wife and family in Victoria and her I do feel privileged to know.

In her life there was great joy and sorrow and she is one who has dealt with heart break
She was supposed to go back to South Africa this year but she fell ill and the trip she could not make
With every passing year she says I do feel frailer and I'm living far from my old Homeland shore
Perhaps my last days will be spent Downunder and I may not go back home never more.

Far from her Homeland where she had spent most of her life in here in the hills of the pied currawong
Doris awakes as the dawn is breaking to the white backed magpie's flute like song
Here the scenery is very different and a different sort of wild life for to hear and see
Near the weather board house that she lives in crimson rosellas flute on a tall gum tree.

Doris lives far distant from her Homeland but the love of Homeland with her still remain
And she hopes before the reaper takes her to see sunny South Africa again
The story of her life is quite amazing and if ever in book form it will be told
It will surely make a huge best seller and more than a million copies of it will be sold.

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