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Giant Of Africa - Poem by Ajala Samuel Akindele

Giant of Africa
She was the giant of Africa, Always at the top of the world,
Leading the economy of Africa, Settler of mineral resources
With the best of crude oil without good refinery.
Agriculture was abandoned before and now planning
transformation in the whole nation.

She hosted The World Festival of Art & Culture and fell
into a Huge debt as a result of extravagance and corruption.
She has the top scholars in Africa and part of world;
She is full of legend, icon, role model and mentor.

She was colonize and now independent with full republic,
She govern the people with several constitution with different
Amendments from the legislatures, presently govern with 1999
constitution with different amendments.

She is giant of good doer and evil doer;
She is giant of Africa
She is giant of corruption
She is giant of terrorism
She is giant of kidnapping
She is at the top.

She never lets the fair one to live all because of selfishness;
She fought a war with the Biafra and victory cameth under
the regime of his excellency.
Atlast he slept with his ancestors.
The greatest, best, icon, legend took over and reform the nation
but he never lasted in life, just of his just with equity.
Three decades past, a great man with vitality came with his reforms
and riches in glory impacting the life's of the pauper, a General
election was conducted with free and fair, victory it was and his declaration
was proclaimed, The Killer of earthly dream annulled the election and he was
bitter sad, not quite long he was detained and freed.
On that cozy day he was poisoned and he joined his ancestors, is wife struggled
a lot to bring the murderer into justice but he was assassinated all because she
was doing the right thing.

She as it all but people were living in poverty-stricken
The suffering masses are not recognized as part of the country.
She was rated as part of extreme poorest although he was wealthy, famous
and bless with riches in glory.

She as loss souls like fishes and brutally killed by terrorism affecting progression
Under his regime Girls were abducted from their schools and she was in sorrow
and agony with help from the world ranking globalize country.
Under is regime subsidy came drastically into effect and petrol was high in price.
Under is regime terrorism showed up to the nation.

Oh! ! ! ! ! Nigeria I Hail thee

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