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Poems About: ANGEL

In this page, poems on / about “angel” are listed.

  • 253.

    When your trials, take all you have
    And the test of life, you just can't seem to pass
    That's when you say, God please restore me in everyway
    Just lead the way. read more »

    Natasha McGee
  • 254.
    be my angel!

    be my angel with wings spread wide
    to guard all the love i have inside,
    be my angel from up above,
    be the angel im thinking of. read more »

    marty watts
  • 255.
    Thank You for being an Angel

    Thank you for being an Angel
    That's what the lady had said
    Her carrier had split and her fruit and her veg
    Had all on the pavement been shed! read more »

    John Knight
  • 256.
    Twelve Christmas Angels a Christmas Poem

    Twelve Christmas angels met
    Up near the Milky Way;
    To discuss why joy was missing,
    From the Christmas holiday. read more »

    Loyd C. Taylor
  • 257.
    An Angel

    An Angel

    An angel passed by me today
    I thought ' Of all the things' read more »

    James Casey
  • 258.

    Your My Angel Sent From Heaven Above..
    Your My Every Breath That I Take..
    Your My Every Reason For Living..
    Your My Angel.. Your My Angel Baby read more »

  • 259.
    An Angel from the Library

    Note filled with penned lines
    Brain needing brush-ups
    To the library, I journeyed
    Next to an Angel, I seated read more »

    Sesan Falade
  • 260.
    You're an Angel

    You're an angel that nobody can see,
    Still, an angel is what you are to me. read more »

    Symone Raven
  • 261.
    The Twelve Christmas Angels

    Twelve Christmas angels met
    Up near the Milky Way
    To discuss why joy was missing
    From the Christmas holiday. read more »

    Loyd C. Taylor
  • 262.
    You Are Clearly Heaven's Angel

    I see them in the heavens above your head.
    I hear them from your eyes with the words unsaid.
    Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhh. read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 263.
    OH, Angel in Heaven Above

    Oh, Angel Eyes One Day I heard an Angel's voice & I Said To The Angel I see Your Big Beautiful Eyes in The Haven's Above, OH, Angel in Heaven Above,
    OH! Wont you Come Down here & Talk to me..I long to Hear your Soft Sweet Voice Sing to me, When you just Talk to me..When the Heaven above Had opened up & your wings stretched out so proud & wide with Your feathers unfolding, like a gentle
    tide, Soring throw the midnight sky so Gracefully, Just like an Swan Swimming in a pond. & then
    an Angel Appeared, Oh to my eyes My dearest Angels the most beautiful site, I have ever seen that has read more »

    Ronald Summerville
  • 264.

    read more »

    Aldo Kraas
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