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My Sweet Angel 5 - Poem by Michael P. McParland

My sweet Angel I adore you so much,
I just want to hold you close
and be surrounded in your love.
A love that heals and a love that is pure,
true love that's unconditional from a great heart.
My sweet Angel I love you so much,
my sweet kind darling Angel I want to be with you now.

My sweet Angel there isn't anything
I wouldn't give you,
I just want to be there for you through eternity.
You hold my heart which is filled with pure love,
a pure love so clean and true just like yours.
My sweet Angel on earth I miss you so much,
sweet Angel my dear you are the best.

My sweet Angel Kira you are so beautiful
I truly just want to hold you
and feel your spirit so near me.
I just want you near because
you are sweet Kira.
You are my sweet Angel and I so truly love you.

It's you my sweet Angel Kira I want in my life,
I miss talking and laughing and knowing
you're just a phone call or message away,
I miss you my sweet Angel you always brightened my day.
I just want to be with you in every way,
just a day in your arms would be heaven on earth.
My sweet Angel so good you are the best.

My sweet Angel Kira I just want to share our whole lives,
support each other in love that's so very true.
I want to give you all the best that I can,
you are a great woman who deserves endless love,
I love you completely with all that I am.
Sweet Kira my Angel may God bless your heart
you are the woman that I want to be with forevermore.

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